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Be the First ones to test the new version of the Defi Bouygues Construction

Bouygues Construction has imagined for you a unique challenge, a true adventure full of professional meetings and surprises.

The finalists will live together during 48 hours in total immersion in a Campus located in nature, by the Seine Riverside.

During this final step, you will have the opportunity to develop and challenge your team vision of the district of tomorrow thanks to cross exchanges, coaching session with Bouygues Construction manager and live presentation.

The Final step will be conclude by a presentation (on the model of TedX Conference) to a prestigious jury composed by clients and Top management of Bouygues Construction.

Solidarity, synergy, creativity, taste for the competition and team spirit will be the qualities excepted to win the game… Your motivation and initiative spirit will make the difference.

The most important is to collaborate... and innovate!

Registered by team of 3 students on, you will be mixed, upon arrival on the Campus, by team of 6 members, coming from different horizon: France, International, university, Engineers, architect and Management schools, trainees of Bouygues Construction.

Joining a team unknown, each finalist must exploit the discussions initiated during the first two steps.

And for the winners?

Exceptional gifts and real job opportunities to catch

1st prize:

Your team must quickly share his common vision to become the laureate of the edition 2014 and go on a trip of one week in an Asian connected metropolis (value of the trip €2000).

Beyond the pleasure of discovery this metropolis, Bouygues Construction will build a custom-made week full of visits related to the theme of the district of tomorrow, adventures in the city, special meetings and festive moments.

2nd prize:

If your team is second on the podium, you will have the opportunity to win a week end in a European eco-district (worth €700 or the equivalent in gift voucher).

3rd prize:

The 3rd team on the podium will receive the famous headphones BEATS (worth €250) and a place for a concert in the beautiful concert Hall of the Philharmonie de Paris (worth €50) that Bouygues Construction teams come to realize.

From 4th to 10th prize:

Others teams will have the possibility to do a VIP visit in one of our reference construction site (meet the team, site visit and a friendly lunch).


Teams of 2 to 3


  • 1Trip to a connected metropolis in Asia
  • 2Week-end in a European eco-district
  • 3Headphones BEATS + Place of concert in the Hall of the Philharmonie de Paris
  • 4A VIP tour of a reference site
  • 5A VIP tour of a reference site
  • 6A VIP tour of a reference site
  • 7A VIP tour of a reference site
  • 8A VIP tour of a reference site
  • 9A VIP tour of a reference site
  • 10A VIP tour of a reference site


  • Chandan
  • MTM
  • n'faly
  • reinforceres
  • tristankaplan
  • annoushka
  • saurabh.01jsr
  • w@ter Fish
  • F.coulbaux
  • alexandre.D
  • Basma
  • YannickROUS
  • Dedewin
  • saadoun
  • Roumigiere

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