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Let your imagination come true with Smartsy® and SmartApp Generator™! Smartsy® is an application of universal shape recognition that enables you to link content to an image without any technical abilities.



Imagine an application combining real and virtual!

From Smartsy concept, up to you to imagine one use of this image recognition tool. You always dreamed of bringing image to life? This challenge is for you! Being preselected is a breeze: you only have to register on Studyka and to describe your idea in a two pages paper.


Present your concept

Once you are preselected, it’s up to you to prove that you not only have ideas but that you can also highlight them. Use a aesthetic file and develop at maximum your concept thanks to the SmartApp Generator™.


Win many prices!

Winning teams will have the opportunity to present their work in the “Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie” in Paris and can be rewarded one Mac Book Air by person.


Your mission

Think over the use of an application flexible and innovative

According to analysts 2012 is “the year of smart devices”. It shows how powerful this phenomenon is! Smartsy® is part of this trend, enabling a universal visual recognition. Up to you to identify uses for this application!

Obviously you will have to think over strengths and weaknesses of the product to deliver a pertinent proposition. Make sure the use you imagine will be interesting or fun so as to be successful. As a result, you are asked to make a short file so as to explain the reasons that led you to your choices even though the project itself is the most important part for the jury.


Rules of the game


Your project implies creativity and imagination but also abilities to work with other students so as to offer relevant propositions.


We advise you to divise your work into 3 parts and will consist in:



Understanding and analyse

You have to get to know the tools you are given to imagine Smartsy® uses. Read these presentation documents about SmartPaper® and SmartApp Generator™ and learn how to handle it. Take also into consideration uses that SmartSystem already considered, this project is not about reinventing the wheel even though you are free to upgrade some uses.


Creative brainstorming

You can now handle both the tools, this step is about imagining SmartPaper® applications, whatever they are: useful, fun, disruptive, innovative, moving… Impress us with your creativity!










You are thinking over outstanding uses? Make them come true! Develop at maximum your thoughts and explicit:

  • Place, time and background uses
  • Target/population users (consumers, firms, NGO, employees, families, States…)
  • Analyze of the background of uses (strengths/weaknesses, opportunity/threats…)
  • Links with other connected devices
  • Design, ergonomics and layouts of the application via SmartApp (up to you to imagine other functionalities that those already existing in the SmartApp Generator™)
  • Commercialization means/ Business Model (how to sell the application if required)
  • Communication means, eventual buzzes linked with the application

Thus you will be able to create your SmartApp and make your project come true!*


 * Each team can only propose one specific use of SmartPaper® application