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Your team must consist of two or three students or recent graduates (graduated less than two years ago). Ideally, you should try to create a team of people with different backgrounds and expertise. This will give you a broader skill set and help to encourage new ideas. Innovation often comes from the meeting of different skills and talents.

Alternatively, you can join an existing, incomplete team, share your knowledge with the other member(s) and improve your own chances of winning. You can also talk to other people on the site via video-conference or chat, so geography is not an obstacle!


The Ideas For Boarding deviverables consist in three phases:

Step 1

You will submit a three-slide PowerPoint or PDF presentation, which the panel will use to select the best projects.

You will be asked to submit this presentation online, in English, outlining your initial ideas and introducing your team.

A total of 25 teams will be selected from this first phase.

Download the preselection document

You will need to upload this document to the platform before midnight on May 3, 2015.

Step 2

If you are selected, you will submit a 15-slide PowerPoint or PDF presentation about your project via the platform. You are free to choose the format of your presentation, although we strongly recommend you to include a visual illustration of your project. For example, you could attach a demonstration video, a functional or visual model, sketches of your project, etc. 

During this phase, you will be assisted by Aéroports de Paris experts and operational managers, who will help you to fine-tune the details of your project and give you the guidance you need to develop it further. You will be in contact with them throughout this second phase.

You will need to submit your project by midnight on May 31, 2015.

Step 3

The Aéroports de Paris experts will assess each entry, and five teams will go through to the final. 

The panel chaired by Aéroports de Paris' Board of Directors, managers and external experts will define the final ranking through a final presentation.

You will have ten minutes to present the major aspects of your project. There will then be a five-minute question and answer session. You'll need to be clear, concise, precise and persuasive!

The winners will be revealed at the award ceremony in Paris on June 25, 2015.

Selection Criteria

Your entry will be assessed according the following criteria:

 1. Respect of the scope : mobility within an airport; for passengers and their luggage, and staff.

2. Optimization of user experience (societal trends, user friendly,...).

 3. Originality

 4. Efficiency (energetic and improvement of journey times).

 5. Relevance and feasibility (future technologies and realism).

Once the final is over, the top 5 teams will win various prizes.

But that's not all. The Challenge is also an opportunity to make a name for yourself,  to benefit from this challenge in your future career and to meet with Senior Aéroports de Paris executives.


Los equipos de 2 a 3


  • 1Un billete para viajar alrededor del mundo, con el que podrán visitar seis destinos de su elección
  • 2Un día VIP para visitar la trastienda del aeropuerto
  • 3Billetes para ir al Salón Internacional de la Aeronáutica y el Espacio de París en junio
  • 4Una estancia de cinco días en París, incluido el billete de avión


  • Fy
  • franck-stephan
  • kashfia42
  • Giuseppe Ragosta
  • LeoRepesse
  • Ghju
  • matthieuS
  • toto83200
  • saurabh.01jsr
  • wodash29
  • AndresBL
  • Krishna Raghav
  • JulietteNFQST
  • Wiwi
  • amal4201

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