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Revolutionize the Driver Experience!

You got ideas to boost driver's experience? Social media, new technologies and digital are your playground?

This challenge is custom-made for you!

The automotive world is changing rapidly, not only in terms of new technologies and the rise of the autonomous vehicle - but also in terms of usages.

In that context of a very competitive environment, ALD Automotive, the leader on the car renting & fleet management market, wants to develop the relationship with its drivers through offering them a tailor-made experience, as well as to anticipate the evolution of the connected car thus being part of those who will shape the future.

The Driver Experience Challenge

Willing to constantly challenge itself to offer matchless quality of service and innovative solutions, ALD Automotive launches the DRIVER EXPERIENCE CHALLENGE. The goal of this challenge is to create the future best solutions (a new digital application) or services for the connected car of tomorrow and thus to boost the relation between ALD Automotive and its customers. 

Your Mission

Students from various fields - developers, designers, business developers, sales representatives, marketers, etc. - all of you are welcome to join THE DRIVER EXPERIENCE CHALLENGE! 

Centered on the customer's experience, an innovative service or a new digital application your suggestion should enable the drivers to use it wherever they are and whenever they need it as well as make their mobility as smooth and seamless as possible.

Creating an innovative customer experience should be your priority!

Whether you use open data to gather information or you create an application that works on its own or simply imagine a smart idea, you have to revolutionize the way a driver connects with his/her car and ALD Automotive.

Your goal is to mix, merge, adapt or transform the leasing offer with other services or other solutions, whether they already exist elsewhere or you create/imagine them on your own.

The solution, service or idea you imagine, should thus improve the driver experience in one of three phases of the “customer’s journey”: before driving, during driving or after driving.




- Which new innovative services could you propose to help them choose the most adapted offer ?

- During the subscription to a leasing offer, which services could you propose to drivers?

- How could you facilitate the subsricption process with new digital solutions


- How to anticipate any needs and expectations a driver of a leased car may have? What are they?

- How to assist drivers? (breakdown cover, accident assistance, maintenance, etc.)

- How to improve the information exchange between drivers and ALD Automotive?




  - Which solutions could you propose to customers returning their leased cars?

- How could you make this step easier for them?

- When returning the car, how could you help them during the assessment step?



You have the possibility to offer a broad choice of solutions as long as they are designed to improve driver's experience, for example:

- Web App
- Mobile App,
- Website
- Vidéo concept
- Connected service (able to work with a smartwatch for example)
- Connected Car
- Slides presentation

Of course, this list is not exhaustive! Let your imagination run free to set up ambitious, innovative and relevant projects! The teams with the best projects will have the opportunity to present their ideas in front of ALD Automotive teams and perhaps to revolutionize the driver experience!

Do not wait any longer! In a few clicks, register on the platform, create or join a team and make it real! The only question left is...

Are you ready to innovate?