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World Leader in Gases, Technologies and Services for Industry and Health, Air Liquide is present in 80 countries with more than 50,000 employees and serves more than 2 million customers and patients. Oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen have been at the core of the company's activities since its creation in 1902. Air Liquide's ambition is to be the leader in its industry, delivering long-term performance and acting responsibly. Air Liquide ideas create value over the long term. At the core of the company's development are the commitment and constant inventiveness of its people. Air Liquide anticipates the challenges of its markets, invests locally and globally and delivers high-quality solutions to its customers and patients, and the scientific community. The company relies on competitiveness in its operations, targeted investments in growing markets and innovation to deliver profitable growth over the long-term. Its solutions that protect life and the environment represent around 40% of sales.

The i-Lab is the Air Liquide group’s laboratory for new ideas. Its purpose is to help accelerate the pace of innovation and to explore new markets. Boasting both a think tank and a venue for experimentation (a “Corporate Garage”), the i-Lab develops new products, solutions, and technologies in conjunction with the Group’s Innovation units and World Business Lines. Based in Paris, the i-Lab works with the Group’s R&D sites in Europe, the USA, and Asia.

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  • Tyre world leader with more than 14% of the market.
  • A commercial presence in more than 170 countries.
  • An industrial establishment at the heart of the markets: 69 industrial sites in 18 countries.
  • International teams: more than 110,000 employees of all cultures on all continents.
  • broad portfolio of brands to cover all segments of the markets.


“A better way to move forward for you, for all of us”

Find the best way to progress is for Michelin, the heart of all our concerns: progress in its professional life thanks to an individualized pathway, progress in your job thanks to a great group spirit and progress for the best mobility solution for a brand, which is driven by innovation.

Progress thanks to an individualized and dynamic process

Personal development is in Michelin’ DNA. For us, everyone should be able to move on at their own pace.

We have a great team dedicated to construction and to manage your own pathway. An active and personalized support is here to help you manage your professional future. Whether it’s training, geographic or functional mobility, our goal is to guide you in your choice in order to progress.

With individualized active management, Michelin guide your development throughout your pathway.

Progress thanks to a exceptional group spirit and strong values

Michelin success is based on the complementarity of the talents. A strong link exists with our collaborators, as well as a large proximity between them and the company.

We share the same human values and a strong belief that trust and respect are compulsory conditions to calmly approach the challenges and to help you overstep your potential.

With Michelin, each people brought their skills, their energy and their support to each others, in order to create a movement that make us progress all together.

With this exceptional group spirit, Michelin guide all its employees on the road of success.

Progress thanks to the power of an iconic and innovating brand

The Michelin brand is reputed and respected worldwide and it’s a reference when it comes to quality and innovation.

We value the role that everybody plays in the company’ development. All of our collaborators are carriers of the future success. We offer them the optimum conditions to contribute, at their level, to offer the world more and more innovating products.

Joining the Michelin Group, also means being a part of a strong and international entity. Your ability to be passionate by our iconic brand will enable you to play a key role in the constant search of a better mobility.

With Power and Innovation as a driver, Michelin is positioning its potential toward the future.

You can consult internship and job opportunities on the Michelin Careers website, don’t hesitate to apply.


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Cité Descartes is a scientific excellence pole (25% of French research on sustainable cities), an economic center, with 300 companies and a training center quite unique with prestigious educational institutions and and pole of competitvity called Advancity.

In the context of the “Grand Paris” project, with the aim to connect 8 centres of excellence with global exposure, the State has decided to position Cité Descartes as the hard core of the future centre dedicated to the sustainable city (the “Descartes cluster”).

Such a decision will contribute to the improvement of Cité Descartes’ accessibility through the future extension of the automated subway, and favour the development of Real Estate programs to welcome emblematic companies such as Green vallée (150 hectares).