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How VINCI became VINCI?



VINCI is a global player in concessions and construction, employing close to 185,000 people in some 100 countries.

We design, finance, build and operate infrastructure and facilities that help improve daily life and mobility for all.

Because we believe in all-round performance, above and beyond economic and financial results, we are committed to operating in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

And because our projects are in the public interest, we consider that reaching out to all our stakeholders and engaging in dialogue with them is essential in the conduct of our business activities.

Our goal is thus to build long-term value for our customers, shareholders and employees, and for society at large.

Promote green growth together

We commit to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 30% between now and 2020, to supporting our customers in their quest for better energy efficiency and to encouraging their adoption of an environmentally responsible approach.

VINCI Construction's business activities are closely related to the challenges of green growth and as a global major we have special responsibility to respond to them.  In all the countries where we operate, our companies strive to reduce the impact of their activities and to delivering value-added solutions founded on eco-design principles.

  • The VINCI environmental reporting system covers 96% of its revenue; each year, it is the subject of an auditors’ report. 

  • For several years, VINCI has been working with the scientific community to develop eco-design tools that incorporate life cycle analysis (LCA) for buildings and infrastructure. CO2NCERNED applies to large transport infrastructure; Prism, to foundation and civil engineering worksites; and Equer, to buildings.

As part of its facility maintenance and management activity, VINCI Energies is also developing efficient systems to manage and reduce energy consumption.

VINCI Energies has joined forces with VINCI Construction France to build a demonstration unit for its entirely air-based heating and air conditioning system, Greenfloor. 

  • In 2013, VINCI Autoroutes completed its green motorway package for the environmental upgrade of its networks, investing €750 million in three years. All the network’s rest areas are now equipped with sort-at-source waste facilities and collection. 

  • Eurovia continued its partnership with France’s Natural History Museum, which is assisting the company with its roll-out of a biodiversity project at its quarries (definition of the current status and site appraisals, action plan evaluation and supervision, introduction of biodiversity indicators and employee training).


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