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Ideas for Boarding Challenge Final

The challenge final organized by Aéroports de Paris took place this Thursday, June 25th, 2015 at « l’Université des Services » inside the Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport. 

The five finalist teams got the opportunity to present their project in front of a prestigious jury composed of Aéroports de Paris leaders. 

Their mission was to revolutionize the biggest airports environment by rethink the mobility of tomorrow for users.
Drones, rails, cable cars…  very innovative projects have been presented.

Have a look on the final projects and the best moment of the day through some pictures! Just “click here”.

1st team: Ecomobis

EcoMobis team with Pramod GHADGE (National University of Singapore), Amir LIVNEH (Tel Aviv University) and Giuseppe RAGOSTA (Bocconi University).

The project according to the team:
Our goal is to improve passengers’ and employees’ experience through a breakthrough mobility solution: ÉcoMobis, which will exploit the potential of magnetic levitation technology.  By giving importance to sustainability, comfort and safety, we devised a solution harnessing solar energy using less energy requirements and omitting less emission than conventional means of transport.  

2nd team: PaxHub

PaxHub team with Juha KÄTKÄ and Christian PAULI (Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences)

The project according to the team:
Our PaxHub-concept offers a unique and stylish way of transportation at CDG airport.
We have designed an environmentally friendly cable car system, which is not only a practical way of moving but also an attraction on its own.
This concept also offers a wide range of marketing possibilities not only for CDG airport, but also for the beautiful city of Paris.

3rd team: eO

eO team with Jean-Baptiste BOUCHÉ, Claire-Aude AGHION and Jérôme LAVILLE (Ecole Centrale Paris)

The project according to the team:
Combining new technologies and new way of transport, eO is a small electric and autonomous vehicle dedicated to user and employees transport inside airports. Ordered through a smartphone or a tablet, it flows without noises and safely in order to give the most pleasant airport experience possible. eO also enhance the transports offer in these infrastructures.

4th team: Michelet Team

Michelet Team with Tiphanie DE BRISSON (ESG MS), Lishan TE (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Montpellier) and Gaëlle ALBERT

The project according to the team:
Team Michelet is 3 completely different people with 3 different fields of study that make us complementary and able to carry such a project. Our whole idea is really about saving time. The travellers can use a shuttle and then either an automated vehicle nor a capsule to reach her/his destination. The capsule has the advantage to gather all the formalities to board (ticket printing, check-in, security check of belongings and persons and PARAFE).

5th team : Bestidéix

Bestidéix team with Rémy BROSSARD, Hugo LEFORT and Floris LAMY (ICAM Vendée)

The project according to the team:
We invented personal drones in the airport that can carry 2 to 3 people. The drone will revolutionize the user experience thanks to a system centralizing every classic routine (check-in, luggage, boarding pass scan etc.) during the way to the boarding gate. With this saved time, the drone will propose personalized activities such as a café or duty free depending on user's habits.

Congratulations to all these teams as well as all the participants! We also want to thanks Aéroports de Paris and all their coaches who help the teams in their project and who gave them tips all along the challenge.

Teams of 2 to 3


  • 1A ticket for a round-the-world trip, to visit 6 destinations of your choice
  • 2A VIP day to visit the Control Tower, the Terminals… the airport's behind the scenes
  • 3Tickets to go to the International Paris Air show in June
  • 4A 5 day-stay in Paris, including the airline ticket to come to Paris.


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