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Imagine innovative and smart ways of moving in large airports

Aéroports de Paris is giving you the opportunity to take up a unique challenge: let's revolutionize part of the passengers' journey in major airports. How? By coming up with new airport mobility ideas for the future.

This challenge is a unique opportunity for you to propose your own ideas for transportations within an airport hub, covering new technologies, design, architecture, engineering and marketing,

Come up with ideas for new systems, innovative services or way to move that will help to deliver new transportation methods and access points within the airports of tomorrow.

Set your ideas free and get ready for boarding on a world tour!


First and foremost, this challenge is a unique opportunity to pitch your project to a prestigious panel of managers and executives from Aéroports de Paris and international experts in the field of urbanism and transports, and to develop your innovation skills.

What's more? There are various prizes to win:

  • The winners will win a ticket for a round-the-world trip, to visit 6 destinations of your choice!
  • VIP day to visit the Control Tower, the Terminals… the airport's behind the scenes.
  • Tickets to go to the International Paris Air show in June
  • A 5 day-stay in Paris - including the airline ticket to come to Paris


You will have to think about innovative solutions that could completely improve ground transportation within large airports by 2025-2030. The aim is to facilitate mobility between the major areas of the airport (terminals, business areas, shopping centers, car parks...).

People may use it in the landside of the platform, which means that it will not be intended for passengers in transfer, nor to access to the airport from the city.

This video is a short presentation of Paris-Charles de Gaulle Hub.


Car accesses and transportation within major airports are key challenges, particularly as number of passengers rises, bringing additional road traffic. Some of these airports cover areas similar to some cities urban areas (in fact, they are cities!).

For example, Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, covers an area representing about one-third the size of Paris. This increasing traffic, coupled with a significant volume of cargo passing through international airports and the rise of employment, represents major issues regarding congestion and traffic problems. This is setting a new challenge: it's all about mobility.

The emergence of new means of transport (individual and multi-occupant driverless vehicles, aerial concepts such as SkyTran, etc.), changes in individual habits (the development of car-sharing, multi-user car rental, etc.) and the introduction of new technologies are expected to result in huge changes and bring new opportunities in this area.


By 2025-2030, Aéroports de Paris is looking to develop new sustainable ways of travelling within the airport to improve flows and internal services, optimize investment and reduce its environmental impact. Those ways of travelling also include short trips such as escalators, pedestrian dedicated areas, etc.

Those new means of transports should aim to improve traffic and flows for all kind of users, passengers and staff, without any distinction (elderly people, disabled users, families, groups, etc.).


Do you have an innovative and sustainable idea that could help Aéroports de Paris improve the way people move within Paris-Charles de Gaulle hub, don't you? This challenge is for you! Remember: you need to come up with new ways of getting around within the airport (e.g. connected cars or minibuses, automatic pods, etc.) rather than ways to travel between home and the airport.

Here you can find some pictures of Aéroports de Paris: download pictures

Bring your ideas for boarding!

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You may have an idea to make the daily lives of airport staff easier, enhance the experience of millions of passengers, or even improve luggage transit operations.

Your concepts need to be more than just a method of transport. You'll need to show how your ideas can help all users to travel comfortably and easily within the airport, how it makes their daily lives easier, and how it improves the urban experience within a major international airport.

To ensure your project meets the requisite standards, we recommend you to follow the process outlined below:

 Your observation

Before coming up with your idea, you'll need to ask yourself a few questions to ensure that your concept is relevant and realistic. Below is a non-exhaustive list of some questions you might like to consider.


What are the limitations and requirements imposed on airports (safety and security, location, regulations, etc.)?


What are the obstacles to universal mobility for all users (disabled people, the multicultural nature of airports, all ages, passengers with luggage, staff on the ground, etc.)?


What is the customer and staff experience in an airport? Are they tired or nervous? Can they get around easily with cumbersome luggage? Your project will need to focus on the user experience.

 Your concept

In this paragraph, you'll need to consider the following points:


The values of your concept: focus on the user experience by reflecting new travel trends.


The efficiency aspect (energy: reducing emissions, reducing journey times, etc.).


The technical aspect: using the technologies of the future (10-15 years from now) and ensuring your project is achievable (technically and financially).

Pitch your concept to us: how will it improve travel for airport employees, passengers or luggage? How does it work and, more importantly, why is it original? Can it be achieved and implemented universally within the next 10-15 years? To achieve this, you'll need to ask yourself the following questions:

- What forms of new urban mobility can be adapted to the airport environment (aerial transport, underground transport, etc.)?

- How can long and stressing journeys within airports be used to improve passenger check-in, provide additional information or even be turned into pleasant, fun experiences for passengers?

- What new technologies could be deployed to improve passengers and employees experience?

- What information would make the airport urban environment more accessible? How might passengers receive better information about the place they need to go to in the airport?

 The expected impact

What problem will your concept solve? What are the expected outcomes?

You'll need to demonstrate that your project is both technically and financially achievable (think millions, not billions!). Any document that provides a visual representation of your concept will be particularly welcomed by the panel (diagrams, screenshots, video, model, prototype, etc.).

Some initial pointers:

Here are some ideas for areas you might like to consider:

Eco-mobility: How can we develop green and connected urban mobility within airports? How can we create smarter travel and transit systems for passengers, employees and luggage? How can we optimise long-stay parking provision? Why not promoting car-sharing?

Information system: How can we facilitate information-sharing between the airport and transit areas? How can we improve passengers guidance in airports? Why not designing automated transport systems?

Urban experience: How can we improve and optimise the user experience during travel time? Why not check-in passengers while they are on the move? How can we facilitate switching from one mode of transport to another with cumbersome luggage? How can we make the luggage transit process smarter and make passengers' life easier?

Prove that your concept is worth developing!


Teams of 2 to 3


  • 1A ticket for a round-the-world trip, to visit 6 destinations of your choice
  • 2A VIP day to visit the Control Tower, the Terminals… the airport's behind the scenes
  • 3Tickets to go to the International Paris Air show in June
  • 4A 5 day-stay in Paris, including the airline ticket to come to Paris.


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