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Kiabi challenge final

The final of the Kiabi challenge was held on Thursday, 4 June 2015 at the company's headquarters. The day was packed with discovery and fun from start to finish! Throughout the day, students were given the opportunity to see the whole Kiabi clothing production cycle.

Meetings with the merchandising and web teams, discovery of the Trend Lab, a visit to the fabric library, meetings with international buyers and even a photo shoot... they enjoyed an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at France's number 1 textile company!

This incredible experience gave them a better understanding of how Kiabi works and showed every aspect of the company.

After all this discovery, the final teams presented their ideas to the jury and to the company's employees, many of whom came to check out their projects.

To see photos of the day click here

The final ranking was:

In first place: « Conceptu’elles »

The "Conceptu’elles" team with Flore Patarot, Christelle De Verchère (Strate Design) and Anne De Verchère (IESEG Lille)

In the team's own words: Our vision of the Kiabi 2025 experience is not so much defined by mass digitalisation but rather by a fun experience that involves unique, unexpected segmentation that puts the child of the heart of the project: Kiabi promotes unity and honours the family!

In second place: "Komme Moi"

The "Komme Moi" team with Chloé Rivault, Ophélie Cherel and Coralie Chenu (ESSCA)

In the team's own words: Komme Moi is a platform personalised to each customer. As a result of this customisation, the commercial appearance of the catalogue is based on a world built on desire and relaxation. The pack offers a complete outfit for a single price, thus encouraging the customer's loyalty.

In third place: "B-TICK"

The "B-TICK" team with Tristan Daspre (Panthéon Assas), Franc Stephan and Thibault Becquignon (Brest Business School)

In the team's own words:

Wall-i is a digital wall in your Kiabi store. A garment that fits your characteristics (size, age, gender) and the information you need to purchase it appears before your very eyes.

In fourth place: "Pragmateam"

The "Pragmateam" team with Clémentine Neret-Minet (Skema), Aurèle Minoret and Sophie Paul (ICD)

In the team's own words: Our project aims to revamp the Kiabi brand and give it an even clearer fashion identity by working on key areas such as merchandising, sensory and experiential marketing, digital marketing and the loyalty scheme. Our ultimate aim is to get consumers to identify with Kiabi, their fashion brand, through an approach that is as realistic and pragmatic as possible.

In fifth place: "Target Kiabi"

The "Target Kiabi" team with Thomas Rebuffel and Pauline Journet (Cours Diderot)

In the team's own words:

To focus our project on the current issue of cross-channel distribution and ensure that it is line with the Kiabi values, we decided to develop three areas with digital as the common theme. Digital for customers and support, digital for the product with smart textile innovations and digital for employees.

But the day didn't end there!

The students and members of the jury spent an exhilarating evening together!
A big thank you to the teams at Kiabi and to the finalists for contributing to an unforgettable final!