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Revolutionise the way you move!

On Friday 11 April, on the site of the future Paris Saclay campus, the final of the "Nouvelles Mobilités by Paris Saclay" Challenge was held.

The six teams who had made it through to the final had a unique opportunity to revolutionise life on the Paris Saclay campus by designing the most innovative ways to get around! They presented their projects to managers from Altran, EDF, the Mobivia Group, Renault and Paris Saclay.

Want to discover the highlights of this final? Access the photo gallery by clicking on the link:

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"Le Vélo, c'est Saclay!" team

The "Le Vélo, c'est Saclay!" team with Céline Snaidero (Audencia Nantes) and Matthieu Darcourt (INSA de Strasbourg).

WHAT? Project to promote the use of personal bicycles to travel to and around Saclay. WHY? To make it safer, calmer, more comfortable and fun to get around by bike.
HOW? Four connected, innovative ideas: bike carriages, a new kind of cycle path, invention of a secure bike terminal and creation of a mobile application that keeps users connected throughout their journeys to and around Saclay.


The "STOP OPTION" team with Amélie Chauveau, Alexandre Mlarewicz (HEC Paris) and Franck Montaigne (ESILV La Défense).


Stop Option is a dynamic car pooling application that will revolutionise how people share their cars by making it easy to use and highly flexible. It helps you reduce your transport costs, adopt environmentally friendly behaviour and meet new people from Saclay.


Les Vélos à Saclay team

The "Les Vélos à Saclay" team with Alexander Klein (Ecoles des Ponts ParisTech) and Antonin Gallet (Institut d'Optique Graduate School)

Les Vélos à Saclay (Bikes at Saclay), a simple yet ambitious project: electric bikes with a hire (exchange) system for the batteries. An inter-establishment student association at the helm to make the system efficient and affordable. Many benefits: easy to set up, reduced costs, complements other mobility systems and durable!


The "SACLAY MOBILITY" team with Grégoire Devauchelle, Simon Denel (ENS Cachan) and Emilie Vieille (HEC Paris).

A simple project for a Mobile Community: our proposal consists of a multimodal application that encompasses all physical and intellectual forms of mobility. A virtual currency, the MobCoin, financed by companies, universities and councils, encourages users to do their bit to improve and optimise collaborative mobility on the campus through better distribution of flows.

Joint winners: SPYHAWKER team and SACRÉ SACLAY team

The "SACRÉ SACLAY" team with Alizée Descroix (ESCP Europe), Manon Descroix (IESEG) and Irene Perosanz Martinez (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) together with the "SPYHAWKER" team with Ilyas Barrouhou, Hamid Chennouf and Myriam Latit (ECE Paris).

- SPYHAWKER team: SpyHawker locates rental bicycles by GPS and detects vandalism. The project includes a website and an Android application to view data on each bike.
The SigFox network is used to communicate between the bikes and the system (website and Android application). As well as ensuring inexpensive subscription, it is energy-efficient.

- SACRÉ SACLAY team: Our concept relies on the creation of a multi-transport network based on a system of smart capsules that travel on rails and connect the whole campus. It involves a close network and three types of station: parking hubs, strategic stops and minor stops. To finish it off, we will put in place the following transport options: RER, metro, bus, electric cars, bicycles and scooters.


Thanks again to Altran, EDF, the Mobivia Group, Renault and the Etablissement Public Paris Saclay, as well as to the students themselves for this fantastic challenge!