This challenge is closed.


Your team must be made up of 1 or 2 students.

We encourage you to combine varied profiles: engineers, finance, law, media…

Multidisciplinary teams will have an advantage! We’ve found that mixed teams often come up with the best ideas and innovations.

Warning: For your team to qualify, we strongly suggest you have at least one member with 3D modeling skills. Without them, producing a 3D printable file will be difficult.



For this challenge, we’re asking you to submit two deliverables:

1) An online file per team in which you will explain the origin of your idea and some ways of using your object. To do so, download the file below:


2) A 3D file of your creation. The accepted formats are .STL or .OBJ. To get tips and guidelines on creating 3D printable files, don’t hesitate to check out Sculpteo’s blog or FAQ. If you have any doubts on your file’s printability, upload it to Sculpteo’s site, their online tools will tell you if it’s printable.

Link to the FAQ :

Link to the blog article which explains how to prepare your 3D files:

So you see the importance to have a designer in your team!

This document must be uploaded on the platform before February 2nd 2014.

Your document will be submitted to the jury's vote and you might be selected to win the Sculpteo Challenge.