This Wix challenge is based on mixed teams.

Diversity of gender is not mandatory, but teams who manage to find both feminine and masculine participants are often the most innovative and successful. It’s always an advantage to integrate diverse profiles in order to gain new perspectives and stand out from crowd.

Your team must include 2 to 5 students or freshly graduated professionals (less than 3 years).

You can also join an incomplete team in order to share your skills and better your odds. There are no geographical limits, since you can interact via webcam and by chat directly on the website.

Visit Studyka.com to register your team and find new teammates!

1st Stage

In this stage your concept must be presented on a Wix website to allow the judges to select the best ideas. Create your own website with Wix.com - the easiest way to create a stunning website all on your own. Include your concept, your team and what inspired you to join entrepreneurship.

Create Your Wix website 

Upload the link to your Wix website in the « Team » tab before May 8th, 11.59pm (Paris Time).

IMPORTANT: You have to join a picture with your website which can be the logo of your project or a simple screenshot of your website. This picture will be the preview of your project, so be careful in your choice. The picture must be a JPEG at the dimension of 220*150.

Once you’ve uploaded your link, explain in a few words your biggest fear/obstacle in starting your career as an entrepreneur.

Public Vote: 3 teams will get to access the 2nd stage with a public vote. The team that will acquire the most "likes" will also get a special prize.

2nd Stage

The judges will choose 20 teams to continue. If you’re team was chosen, you will be paired with a mentor to help you develop your project.

In this step, you’ll have to improve your website to really impress the judges. Add videos and content that will provide a detailed description of what you’re offering and your market potential.

Upload the new link to your website before June 12th, 11.59pm (ParisTime).

Public Vote: Create a social media buzz around your project. An audience will vote and the one with the most "likes" will get to access the final.

The Final

Each project will be studied by the judge and the 5 chosen teams will be invited to the final on July 4, 2016.

You’ll need to present your project in a 7-minute pitch to win the first prize.

Your pitch needs to summarize the main points of your idea in 7 minutes. You will be asked 5 minutes of questions afterwards. Make sure you are clear and convincing!Critères de sélection!


  1. Design of your website

  2. Relevance of your concept

  3. Project feasibility

  4. Innovative factor

  5. Teamwork

Waiting for selection
Teams of 2 to 5


  • 1A trip worth €800 per member
  • 2A week-end worth €400 per member
  • 3A smart watch worth €300 per member
  • 4Speakers worth €150 per member
  • 5Heaphones worth €100 per member


  • Paul.ftrl
  • Nicolas64
  • Catalina Guillen ROzo
  • lauratovar8
  • Elise1606
  • MLZ
  • alexis.consta
  • T_Fournier
  • JV-L
  • AdèleH
  • QueenyCookie
  • La Sportive
  • thebigloulou
  • salomeprive
  • Friender

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