This challenge is closed.

The second edition of the Connected Challenge is launched : click here to join.

Connected Challenge: Develop the application that will revolutionise the use of connected objects!

Congratulations to all the teams who took part in this great hackathon, which was attended by 112 people! The final phase of the competition was held on Thursday, 6 March 2015 in Paris. The 6 finalist teams left School 42, where the final stage of the hackathon was held, happy and their arms loaded with prizes.


And for good reason! Holidays, a PlayStation 4 and dozens of connected objects (Pebble, Sphero, Withings, etc.) were up for grabs!

All thanks to our incredible partners who, as always, were more than happy to support these events.

In particular, we would like to thank DigitasLbi, PayPal, Canal TP and all of the partner start-ups who lent their support throughout the hackathon.


1st prize: « Brobox »

Jean-Baptiste Bouché, Tanguy Hélesbeux, Julien Blanc, Robin Eisenberg, Pierre Canard.

Their Vision : « Connected objects are the promise of an increasingly networked future, responsive, tailored-made, where each object is part of an ecosystem. But for us, we think that they should primarily be used to reconnect humans with each other. Our idea ? Bringing the delivery of small parcels between individuals in the collaborative area. With BroBox, there is necessarily someone who can provide you a service by delivering your package during his daily commute. Brobox is the « BlaBlaCar » of delivery, connected objects placed in community service. »

2nd prize: « Feel@Home »

Marion Guillon, Robin Lambertz, Charles Huang, Maxime Vaude, Michael Barbarin.

Their Vision : « Enter in a smart world, where your home suits your needs. The Feel@Homme digital butler learns about your tastes and habits, and quietly anticipates your needs. Conceived as a home automation aggregator, it interconnects your everyday objects and takes care of you and your home » 

3rd prize: « Blend it »

Sylvain Kerkour, Benoit Datcharry, Guillaume Jensen, Yanaël Barbier.

Their vision: "Blend-it is a service that makes the interconnection of connected objects easier. It enables users to innovate by creating custom interactions that can be shared. This service offers a web, mobile and pebble application."

4th prize: « Iterfacio »

Estelle Auberix, Mehdi Tazi, Vincent Lafosse, Saad Igueninni.

Their vision: "Iterfacio is an application that will help you to generate, customise and share your own urban journeys as a tourist based on the public transport networks. More than just a route generator, it is a real aggregator of points of interest and cultural events. By incorporating as much open data and other information as possible with Machine Learning, we can simplify the choices of our users according to their interests, budget and/or schedule."

5th prize: « Way2Wheel »

Nicolas Mahieu

His vision: "Way2Wheels is a turn-by-turn GPS application for Pebble that tells motorcyclists exactly when and where to turn, without the inconveniences of a traditional GPS."

6th prize: « HeapStack »

Gaël de Laigue, Edmond-Xavier Collot, Grégory Barrion.

Their vision: "Our application enables users to bet on their motivation to lose weight. The user sets his or her target and associates with it a sum of money he or she wants to bet. If the target is met, the user's money is not taken. If it isn't, the money is donated to a charity of his or her choice."