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 Your team must be composed of 2 or 3 members.


Your team will preferably incorporate varied profils : engineering schools, management, architecture, urban planning, university education.

Multidisciplinary teams are most likely to be able to develop the most innovative ideas and defend them in front of a jury of experts.

Size of the team

  • The first two steps

Your team will consist of 2 or 3 students, which provides not only complementary but also guarantees to be efficient.

  • The final step

You will join a team of 6 members, formed by Bouygues Construction Team (more about on Step 3).


  • The first two steps

One selected, your team may have the guidance of a teacher you have invited to the Studyka platform via space “teachers” of your team.

Do not hesitate to offer a mentoring project to your teachers in your school.

In some cases it may even allow you to obtain credit for your degree.

  • The final step

The finalist teams will be monitored for the 48 hours by a HR manager and will be eligible for a “boost” of experts of Bouygues Construction.

You will benefit from the support of a communication coach to prepare the final presentation.



Step 1

Two deliverables are expected: 1Teaser &1Video !

1st deliverable: a teaser of your project

The first deliverable must help the project team of Bouygues Construction to select the most relevant pre-records. We therefore ask you, as a first step, download the prequalification and put breath in your vision of the district of tomorrow.

This 3 slides document, called "teaser", must quickly attract the attention of managers of Bouygues Construction and make them want to see you itemize your presentation.

2nd deliverable: a short video presentation of your team

This will enable Bouygues Construction to soak your team spirit. 
You must follow a period of less than 1 minute. Upload your video on a platform (Youtube, Dailymotion...) and upload the link in your team space on Studyka.

Feel free to promote offbeat!

Both are available to send us before October 5 via the online space for your team.

Step 2

The maximum number of 40 shortlisted teams will send a third deliverable which will consist of a detailed presentation of their concept (from 10 to 15 slides - including the annexes).

We recommend the use of visual elements allowing you to present your concept as concretely as possible for the value to the jury. The presentation will be faithful to the brief set and elements of the rules of the game.

If you skip this step, prepare yourself: Your must be convincing with a few words!

These documents should be sent by November 2 to PDF format via the online space for your team.

Among these cases, 20 teams will advance to the final of the 2014 Défi Bouygues Construction.

Step 3 

The final of Défi Bouygues Construction will take place from November 25th (evening) to 28th November (morning) in a Campus located in Ile- de- France.

Bouygues Construction will handle your delivery to the Campus.

All 20 finalists’ teams will be mixed so as to form 10 teams of 6 members and thus encourage emulation and engage in a collaborative spirit on the part of all team.

We will make every effort to create multidisciplinary and complementary team.

The District of tomorrow will probably be the composition of the best ideas of everyone!

Le Défi Bouygues Construction will culminate in the completion of a presentation to a jury who will have the difficult task of separating teams.

The final ranking will be determined at the end of your presentation.

This presentation inspired, to the extent possible TEDx conference, will take over the major areas of your vision of the District of tomorrow.
It will last 10 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of questions; Be clear, concise, accurate and convincing!

After 48 hours of intense work, reflection will give way for relaxation during an unforgettable festive evening!

Teams of 2 to 3


  • 1Trip to a connected metropolis in Asia
  • 2Week-end in a European eco-district
  • 3Headphones BEATS + Place of concert in the Hall of the Philharmonie de Paris
  • 4A VIP tour of a reference site
  • 5A VIP tour of a reference site
  • 6A VIP tour of a reference site
  • 7A VIP tour of a reference site
  • 8A VIP tour of a reference site
  • 9A VIP tour of a reference site
  • 10A VIP tour of a reference site


  • GuDavid1
  • Mélisande
  • pragadeesan.s
  • Tasfia
  • HouDahmani
  • drissextra
  • Fadel
  • aneshnash
  • rhum
  • Paromita Nakshi
  • dgobin
  • F.coulbaux
  • Clémentine vd
  • Chandan
  • TiJox

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