E-pocrate challenge is an online competition for students from all backgrounds. The challenge gives them an unique opportunity to conduct a project on disruptive services for patient-health professionals relationship in today's digital world.  This challenge brings together all key players in the medical market : health-care companies and startups, health care facilities, medical specialists, and students.

Your turn now! Start by choosing one of below sub-topics 

Patient Specialist  Telemedecine health Information System  Medical Training


Together we love an innovation !

E-pocrate challenge is the 1st online challenge that clusters all key players of the medical industry around open-innovation. 

Students Health care facilities Health-care corporations Start-ups

From the sub-topics previously drawn, students will work alongside with other key players who will play the role of mentor. It will result in the development of ground-breaking projects and will significantely facilitate market access.

Teams will have 3 months to develop their project :

- By submitting a concept / an idea / a disruptive solution.

By submitting  / or developing in team an App or a web service.

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