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Imagine the customer experience of the future!

Company at the service of its own clients, Engie makes the customer experience a priority and invites you, students and young graduates, to reinvent the experience of its customers!

Take part in this challenge Engie and put all your energy into imagining new services for more than 9 million of customers.

This challenge has no limit but your imagination!  Surprise us! 


The context for customers and consumers will keep evolving in the next few years.

Customer experience that people have with brands is transforming with IoT, the Internet supremacy and services digitizing.

Besides, the “Digital Natives”, a high standards generation, leads companies to modify their offers and services adapting their classic model to an online offer, more accessible et closer to them.

Your mission

Engie wants to meet consumers’ expectations and needs.

In this context, how Engie can imagine the customer experience of the future? What will be the customers’ expectations concerning their energy supplier?

Your mission: imagine, invent, or define tools and services that Engie could offer to their customers to give an innovative, customized and lasting online experience.

The themes

Various angles can be considered to revolutionize customer experience. To answer this question, choose one, two or the three themes listed below:


The Online customer relationship of tomorrow

This customer relationship, traditionally made by phone, is evolving and begins its online transition with new innovative tools (chat, emails, social networks, mobile app…)

Even IoT devices will become a new way to meet customers' demands.

How could you integrate IoT devices to get the customers closer to the company? What new online services could you offer them?

Imagine new tools, new offers or new services that will make this relationship better.

The customized customer experience

More and more demanding and more and more informed, customers desire a customized experience linked to their energy consumption.

Engie collects information about its customers as the energy consumption history or customers interactions with the company.


How to use this data to propose a unique and appropriate customer experience? Today, Engie knows its customers, but how to use that to meet their expectations?
How to propose a customized content to customers? How to propose to customers an experience that takes into consideration their habits?

Identify key moments of the consumers and imagine the proceedings of their path. Imagine new dimensions to meet their real needs.


Customer loyalty

The opening to competition of the energy market in 2007 has allowed new actors to enter energy supply market.

Those new actors make the difference with their product and services (green energy sells, low-cost offers, online offers…) and have a capacity to innovate with more agile structures.

Facing this business competition, Engie must adapt. How this energy supplier has to adapt to gain customer loyalty? What would be the tools or strategy?

How to get the company closer to the clients? What is the place for an innovating reward system and how could you implement it? How to seduce and earn immediately the loyalty of new customers?

Identify the most interesting systems and tools and propose a project that will create personal and lasting bonds.

What we are expecting from you

Propose an idea that will answer those questions!

New tools or services, new functionality, new approach... feel free to propose what is the most relevant for you.

Don't be limited by your idea presentation and be creative. Present innovative and ambitious ideas.

Make concrete proposals!

Put yourself in the customers' shoes and keep in mind the other existing offers. Imagine the offers, services or tools that would allow Engie to get closer to them.  

Put your project in form! 

Give an overview of your idea. Quick sketches, examples, storytelling or illustrations... develop your project as far as you can and show how it could look like! 

Think tomorrow and make a presentation of 3 or 4 slides that will show your idea. Your project must be detailed, don't hesitate to add concrete examples that would support your presentation. 

Good luck!