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ENGIE Group 


ENGIE is a global energy player and an expert operator in the three business sectors of electricity, natural gas and energy services.

ENGIE develops its business around a model based on responsible growth to take on today’s major energy and environmental challenges:

  • Meeting energy needs,

  • Ensuring the security of supply,

  • Combating climate change,

  • Maximising the use of resources.

The Group provides highly efficient and innovative solutions to individuals, cities and businesses by relying on:

  • 900 researchers and experts in 11 R&D centres,

  • Diversified gas-supply resources,

  • Flexible and low-emission power generation,

  • Unique expertise in four key sectors: independent power production, liquefied natural gas, renewable energy and energy efficiency service.

ENGIE employs 152,900 people worldwide and achieved revenues of €74.7 billion in 2014.


The missions of the Private Customer Market Division

The ENGIE Group is organised into 5 branches:

  • Energy Europe,

  • Energy International, 

  • Global Gas & LNG,

  • Infrastructures,

  • Energy Services.

Within the Energy Europe Branch, the Private Customers Market Division (DMPA) has as its mission to market energy supplies and the associated services among private customers (BtC) in France under the brand name Engie.

The DMPA is entrusted with 3 main missions:

  • Client reception and taking charge of their requests

Processing client requests and leads takes place mainly by telephone, mail and online, which are clients’ preferred contact channels. Moreover, the DMPA has developed partnerships with several local aid associations for families in hardship in order to provide a network of more than 240 Social Mediation Centres (SMC). This network makes it possible to ensure a close relationship with clients in precarious situations.

  • Sale of energy supply and associated services

The DMPA markets gas and energy supplies among private customers. This supply is completed by a wide array of advice and energy-efficient solutions. The customer relationship can be carried out via outbound calls, as a reaction to incoming calls, via direct marketing campaigns, or indirect distribution partners.

  • Billing and Collections

The DMPA manages the contractual relationship with clients, which includes applying for the energy contract and service offers, billing, collections management, follow-ups on outstanding debt, and advice on the development of the contract.