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The owner-managed group of companies under the brand DEFACTO X stands for a complete range in the complex field of Consumer Centricity. As a brand, DEFACTO X combines the expertise of 3 businesses in digital advertising (Defacto Smart Reach, D3media), science & operations (Defacto Relations, Defacto Digital Research, Cintellic Consulting Group) and communication strategy / campaigns (Defacto BE / ONE) with 5 locations in Germany: Erlangen, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Bonn.


DEFACTO X operates globally on 65 markets and offers solutions for all requirements, the consistent customer orientation in the context of digitalisation today present to corporations.



Over the last years Breuninger has developed to one of the leading fashion and lifestyle department stores in Europe. Breuninger caters to customers with high expectations and a keen interest in fashion. It offers a fine and tasteful brand- and assortment-mix with a range from small newcomer labels to major designer fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands.

Besides an in-depth understanding of style, new fashion and lifestyle trends Breuninger provides extraordinary service standards far beyond the market level to ensure that every visit at their stores or online shop becomes a special experience.

Increasing demands on architectural standards, visual merchandising and service reformed shopping experience. Therefore Breuninger is constantly reinventing itself offline and online. This is the only way to spark a passion for fashion and lifestyle, day after day, and make shopping in their eleven stores or at Breuninger E-Shop a unique experience. With good cause Breuninger is one of Germany’s leading multichannel retailer.




Adler Modemärkte AG, headquartered in Haibach near Aschaffenburg, Germany, is one of Germany‘s largest and most important textile retailers.

In the most recent survey conducted by "TextilWirtschaft“, the industry‘s trade journal, ADLER ranked 20th amongst the 100 largest German vendors in the market.

Adler Modemärkte AG currently operates 178 stores in four countries, 154 of which in Germany, 21 in Austria, two in Luxembourg and one in Switzerland.

The Company focuses on large-space concepts offering between approximately 1,000 sqm and 3,500 sqm of retail space.

With its numerous own brands and selected external brands, ADLER offers a highly diverse product range. It also offers its customers the ease of shopping in its online shop from their PC or smartphone. ADLER has approximately a total of 4,300 employees.