This challenge is closed.

Challenge “GDF SUEZ Responsible Company”:

put all your energy in building a more responsible world!

That was the mission given to the students for this challenge!

6 teams, in a whole afternoon, defended their project during the final that took place at GDF SUEZ headquarters, the 26th of June, 2014.

Discover on this video the most important moment of this final step.

After working during 3 months on their project, the 6 final teams, among more than 220 teams, had the chance to present it in front of the Top Management of GDF SUEZ.


Discover the teams and the highlights of this final step by clicking on the link below to access the picture gallery:  

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1st Team: “Ethereal”:

Team “Ethereal” with Vanshika Badkul, Tanmay Gupta (VIT University, India).

Bio-Token System is a new concept of sales of energy in emerging nations. The concept consists  in setting up a biogas plant, purchasing bio-degradable matter collected by locals, converting it into biogas and possibly electricity, and selling both the energy produced and the manure (which is a by-product of the process) at attractive prices to the local populations. The Bio-Token System has a social focus, as it will generate employment to local men and women and will offer a solution to efficiency manage the waste generated in urban, semi-urban and rural areas.

2nd Team: “Spanish Grawiex”:

Team “Spanish Grawiex” with Sandra BONILLO, Laura MONTEAGUDO (Escuela de Organization).

The project aims to connect employees’ ideas of improvement with unemployed youth seeking for experience; this connection will be through a social network. The program called GRAWIEX intends to give birth to a large number of CSR projects under the legal umbrella of a junior enterprise.

3rd Team: “Enertips”:

Team “Enertips” with Rachel CASAL, Camille CRAPART (Sciences Po).

EnerTips is a mobile application. It provides tips to optimize your energy consumption and save money from distributed load shedding and energy efficiency. These savings are capitalized on EnerTips. You can then invest it in renewable energy projects in developing countries. 

4th Team: “Biotech Team”:

Team “Biotech Team” with Ferid NASSOR, Michel DESPORTES (Sup’ Biotech).

The project has for ambition the production of Bio-Energy in small cities, through a double fermentation of organic waste to produce Bioethanol & Biogas. The project aims to empower the Eco-Citizen city of tomorrow.

5th Team: “Vlaicu’sGreenhouse”:

Team “Vlaicu’sGreenhouse” with Cornel MOT, Valentin TIMIS and Petru HUDACOV (Aurel Vlaicu University).

The Coupled Tanks Greenhouse is a Passive and closed Greenhouse, which replaces the usual water wells demanded by the operation of the heat pumps, with two water tanks: a surface water tank  and an underground water tank. Passive and Closed Greenhouses are independent of any energy or water infrastructure. They can be placed in remote and arid areas.

6th Team: “HRF”:


Team “HRF” with Florent MELCHIOR, Hugo VICARD and Raphaël Moraly (Ecole Centrale Paris).

To change the behavior of consumers, there is nothing like involving them in the process. They need to know that the change comes from them and they need to appreciate the benefits of their move. With HRF, we aim to combine the fields of expertise of GDF Suez with Big Data in order to give personal recommendations to each consumer and to help them acting in favor of a more responsible world.

We want to thank GDF SUEZ for having given the opportunity to create a very good challenge. We also want to thank all the students who have participated to this contest and most especially the 6 final teams for their implication, projects and motivation.