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Studyka is giving you a chance to impress Google’s managers and get the opportunity to visit their London headquarters.

Through a smart marketing strategy and/or new interactive features, it's up to you and your team to turn YouTube into a daily ritual destination the way TV was for past generations.

The Google YouTube Challenge (GYC) is an exciting opportunity for students to innovate and create new services linked to YouTube and other services made by Google. 


Online video platforms today are evolving fast and so is YouTube. Yet, too few people know that YouTube works like a real TV with channels, star presenters and content creators you can subscribe to.

YouTube is not only a video-hosting platform, it adds real value to the way you watch and interact with videos.

In this context, you will position yourself as if you were a channel owner to complete the following mission:

Your Mission 

Put yourself in the shoes of a channel owner! Your mission will be to find new ways to engage users with your content, turning them into subscribers coming daily to watch your new videos and updates.

To do this, you have control over:

1- Marketing

You can imagine any way to promote your channel, making it widely known and discussed.

For example think about:

  •     Viral campaigns
  •     Online/Offline events
  •     Games
  •     Advertising


2- New Features

Even if you have 0 developing skills, consider you can add any new feature to your beloved YouTube platform!

At the age of smartphones and tablets, with new interactions made possible by Google+ and Google TVs, unleash your creativity and let us know how you envision the evolution of your favorite video platform. Here are some hints you can use to nurture your imagination:

  •     Foster interactions with other Google products
  •     Think beyond comments, likes and sharing (quizzes, surveys, battles...)
  •     Imagine live interactions
  •     Think about video edition and remixing

Finally, be as creative as possible!

Keywords : Engagement, Community, Interactions, Loyalty Program, Live, Social, Sense of Belonging, Google+, Google TV, Online Video Services, Connected TV, Participative Experience, Innovation...…

 See details


Create or join a team online and collaborate with other students as fond of new technologies as you are! Brainstorm to bring your vision about what’s coming next as regards online video services.

Projects and deliverables


The challenge will take place in two steps.

- Step 1

In a first step, Google managers will select the best 30 teams on the basis of a 2-pages document (text or presentation) - see “details” for more details.

- Step 2

In a second step, the 30 best teams will have to work on a more detailed project and send a 10 to 15 slides (maximum) presentation.

The 5 best teams will be mentored by a Google manager and invited to present their concept at Google London.

We recommend that you try and integrate, at every steps of the challenge, the following points:

Points to cover for every step


1) Type of channel

Please choose a particular channel (e.g. raywilliamjohnson, the most famous channel at the time) or a type of channel (e.g. sports, music, politics...)

2) Strategy

Thinking in terms of Marketing and/or New Features tell us how you will make your channel more popular than any other.

Don't forget to think how you can interact with other Google products. Be it Google+, Google TV or any other Google service or API, we highly recommend you take advantage of Google’s ecosystem to integrate your concept to it and derive benefit and innovation from it.

3) Metrics

Also, think about metrics that could back your strategy and that would enable to rank your channel 1st based on engagement measurements (e.g. #comments and #likes today).

Good luck to you and your team!

Teams of 2 to 3


  • 1Visit of London Headquarters + 10" tablet
  • 2Visit of London Headquarters + Android Phone
  • 3Visit of London Headquarters + Android Phone
  • 4Visit of London Headquarters + 7" tablet
  • 5Visit of London Headquarters + 7" tablet
  • 6Goodies Google


  • shmruthi
  • Samantha DINET
  • Eloïne
  • pako
  • Matthieuh
  • iluron
  • Jgillet
  • kunxu
  • thierryc
  • r#mi
  • zouhairmaj
  • ThomasB
  • bAddie
  • DontPanic
  • Celena

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