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GYC final


”Turn YouTube into a daily ritual destination the way TV was for past generations!” was the challenge launched to the students by the most famous search engine with the Google YouTube Challenge (GYC). Their goal? Position theirselves as if they were a channel owner in order to find new ways to engage users with YouTube content. Mission accomplished for the 3 teams on the podium: “Beluga”, “YouTube 3.0” and team “TSML”.

Team 1


Zouhair Majzoub, Arthur Weiland and Mahedine Yahia (HETIC)

Thanks to their concept targeting education, the three members of Beluga stole the heart of the jury. They created a new way to use YouTube channels for teachers and students. They developed the possibility to diffuse and access videos adapted to the school program in order to allow deeper analysis of class subjects, individually or collectively.

They were invited to present their concept into Google and YouTube headquarters in London, Zouhair, Arthur and Mahedine received an Android tablet 10”.


Team 2 

YouTube 3.0

Alexandre Divet and Jeffrey Lucas (Université Paris Dauphine)


Congratulations to these two students who took the second position on the podium thanks to their “Fans Status” : the unique opportunity for the owners of a YouTube channel to give access to exclusives videos for their best fans! Perfect balance between satisfying the owner and the watchers in a simple and effective way.


The jury liked so much their “Fans Status” that they almost became fans themselves and offered them a private visit of the Google headquarters and Nexus smartphones!

Team 3



Mathieu Lebas (Grenoble Ecole de Management) and Tu Sang Nguyen (IAE Grenoble)

As easy as watching a video on YouTube, the “Glance” application of TSML allows users to access videos allows Youtubers to share their favourite moments and create a true community around it.

Thanks to this innovation “TSML” teammates won Nexus smartphones just after they’ve discovered the Google universe in London.


Teams of 2 to 3


  • 1Visit of London Headquarters + 10" tablet
  • 2Visit of London Headquarters + Android Phone
  • 3Visit of London Headquarters + Android Phone
  • 4Visit of London Headquarters + 7" tablet
  • 5Visit of London Headquarters + 7" tablet
  • 6Goodies Google


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