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Working in 2-4 person teams, suggest an innovative design concept for the area surrounding the future stations of the “Grand Paris” transport system, in terms of operational logistics, layout, management, and activities. The objective is to design the “Place de la Gare” area as a focal point for the town and its inhabitants; a space that facilitates human interaction and integrates the metro station in a coherent and cohesive fashion with the surrounding neighborhood.


How to reorganize the station area to generate the development of an economic and social dynamic ?Unleash your imagination to offer us a "concept train" innovative but realistic. It will not consist in rethinking the inside of the station (arrival of trains, rails, platforms etc..) but to really rethink the functionality of the area surrounding the station, from the platform to the shops (shops, "coffee station", bakery ...) through the connection with other modes of transport.

The proposed organization must respond to issues of: operational logistics, planning, management and leadership of the station square.

You will imagine the features and concepts that will make the station area a better place to live, for all; you will also formulate proposals that will facilitate activities, meetings, that will make people want to take their time, to learn, to stroll or simply enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the stations. 

These concepts will be coupled with social and economic development proposals that will allow the station area to maintain a balance of economic globalization. Based on the user needs when they exit a station you can think of practical, useful and profitable projects which will improve their daily lives.

An example might be an area of temporary rental offices that will fund a living area for the homeless.

Several lines of inquiry, not exhaustive, are available, your project will be guided by one or more of them:

  • How to create the link? Which policy of integration? What citizen actions? (eg taking into account the aging of the population)
  • How to think the housing near the station? (Eg emergency shelters, housing for the disabled / dependent mix of buildings, multifunctional spaces day / night)
  • Which services developping around this node transport, this place of convergence of various streams (and other passengers)
  • What place for sport and recreation?
  • The station, cultural place?
  • How to improve solidarity around the station? (microfinance, sharing services and / or resources, sharing of nuisance ...)
  • How to maximize the impact of large flows of passengers on the economic and social model in the neighborhood? (eg valuation of waiting time, passenger flow management ...)
  • How these new technologies can impact the station area? (eg smart-grid, touch screens, NFC ...)
  • What innovations in terms of environmental development? (eg energy solidarity)

Any original approach will be enhanced. Some examples: international benchmarking, history and future of the types and places of trade (trade handicrafts, barter, ... markets covered, debates, live shows etc).

Game rules

Your project should combine creativity and strength of concrete proposals. He enrolled in the calendar of Grand Paris, and must, as such, offer a vision, but also a realistic implementation given the realities of the Paris region (identified needs, economic constraints and urban).

That's why we ask you to divide your work into three parts:



You choose one or more stations of your choice and you will examine the social and economic environment. Ex: functionality (shopping, cultural, services ...), logistics and mobility, vitality and social life. These stations will not necessarily be in Paris or even in France, the extern points of view bring novelty and are relevant to the project.



You will rely on the information collected to provide a meaningful analysis of needs, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for development of the districts targeted.



Based on your previous discussion you propose your vision of social development of the Place de la Gare. You will give special attention to the economic and financial proposals. Indeed, if these are not intended to be all profitable, all must be economically viable.

The keywords of the challenge

Station area, citizens, trade, centrality, area of life, functionality and operation, attractive, pleasant, business model, economic development and social solidarity, flows, traffic, hub, synergies, government ...


The concept of the Station area can only be regionalised: it will be important to distinguish different types of territories (eg district surrounding an existing station vs. creating a new station, urbanized area vs rural area).

The Station area must be understood both through its components and the system it shapes.

- "Content": concepts and projects to enhance and promote through the Station area (real estate products / furniture, new services - personal services, utilities ...).

- "Container": global economic coherence of the social model development proposed. Conecting point of infrastructure through which can pass various flows (passengers, cargo, information, etc.)..

The concept developed will integrate the different times of trade (over 24 hours in the week, the year but also over several years).

The concept developed will integrate different types of exchange: social links, trade, economic, digital information, and energy exchanges (smart grid).

Teams of 2 to 4


  • 1Trip to the International city of your choice
  • 2A journey of 4 days and 3 nights in a major European city
  • 3A weekend in the European capital of your choice


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