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Rules of the challenge

Deadline modifications :

Deadline for registration has been postponed to July 31st 2011

Deadline for sending of works has been postponed to September 10th 2011

Challenge Regulations "Grand Paris – Station Area "

ARTICLE 1 - Challenge Organization

STUDYKA on the website, SAS with capital of 10 000 €, registered under the

number 530 774 439 RCS Paris, residing at 5 Rue des Suisses 75014 PARIS, hereinafter

designated as "Organizer corporation" is organizing a Challenge “The Station Area”,

hereinafter designated as the" Challenge ".

Bouygues Construction Corporation, with capital of 127,967,250 euros - 552 045 999 RCS

Versailles - IE FR 70552045999 Registered office: Challenger - 1 Avenue Eugene Freyssinet

- Guyancourt - 78065 St-Quentin-en-Yvelines - France hereinafter designated as "Business

Partner", supports the Organizing Company in the Challenge organization, and designates the


The duration of the Challenge is scheduled from April 22nd to July 31st of 2011 included. The

partner Company reserves the right to extend the Challenge if circumstances require. In any

event, the liability can’t be incurred and he can’t be claimed any compensation. In such

circumstances, the Organizing Company will establish the technical means to inform the

participants on the site.

ARTICLE 2 – Participation to the Challenge

2.1 Participation in this Challenge, free and without purchase obligation, is for all students in

higher education. Exceptions can be accepted on a case by case basis by the Company


He will be allowed only one entry per person at the Challenge.

2.2 All Participants must certify being major at the commencement of the Challenge.

The Organizing Company reserves the right to disqualify any participant minor.

Moreover, it is stated that the surrender of the endowment will be conditional upon the

presentation by the winner of the Challenge of an identity card proving his majority and a

student card.

2.3 Participants will form teams from two to four members.

2.4 Each participant will create a user account on the website Studyka (,

hereinafter the "Website Studyka" for the remote transmission of recommendations


- Title, surname (s), first name, email.

- Login

2.5 Employees and representatives of the Organizer and the Partner Company can not

participate to the challenge, and neither the members of their family (parents, children,


ARTICLE 3 – Modalities

3.1 Before participating in the Challenge, participants must read these rules carefully and

accept the terms in their entirety. Participants agree to abide these rules and agree that in case

of violation of one of theses clauses, the Organizer Company can consider the participation

and / or the prize void.

3.2 The Challenge consists of making contributions by team in digital format (eg Word (.

doc), PowerPoint (. ppt) and Keynotes (. key)), referred to hereinafter "Recommendations", in

response to the “Issue” and the "Rules of the game " described on the "brief" of the "Station

Area" on the Site Studyka.

3.3 The deadline for registering the teams to the challenge is fixed to June 20. An additional

period may be granted by the Company Partner, shifting the final maturity of the Challenge.

3.4 File : Participating teams must send their recommendation as a detailed presentation

(PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi ...) and a brief summary of a Word page (detailing the team the

main axes of reflection) before the date of July 31, 2011 at 23:59.

The presentation can come with textual or audio comments to detail the slides.

Other media to illustrate the consistency, feasibility, and the identity of your project will be

favorably considered by the jury (videos, models, modeling, graphical creation,


Creativity, rigor and clarity will be rewarded. Teams may at any time put questions to

Bouygues Construction managers.

It is clarified that the dates and times indicated in these Regulations are the hour from Paris,


3.5 After the Challenge, there will be the selection and appointment of three (3) winning

teams. The number of recommendations posted by each team participating in the Challenge is

limited to two: a preselection recommendation and a final recommendation.

3.6 At the end of the Challenge, all participants will be contacted by mail by the Partner

Company. For this purpose, their name, first name, email address, and school they have

informed on Studyka website will be forwarded to the partner company.

They can ask not to be contacted by sending an email to

ARTICLE 4 – The Characteristics Recommendations

The characteristics of the recommendations accepted for the Challenge are set by the Partner


4.1 The recommendations submitted to the Challenge must relate to the theme "The Station

Area". These recommendations are described on the tab "brief" of the "Station Area" on the

website Studyka.

4.2 A partial list of accepted formats of the Recommendations in the Challenge are:


4.3 Participants must specify in the description of the Recommendations in their remote

transmissions, the source elements (music, text, picture) integrated in the Guidelines.

4.4 Each entrant guarantees that the content of the Recommendation does not violate

the laws and regulations, including those relating to the infringement, defamation,

decency or privacy.

4.5 It is strongly recommended that participants keep a copy of the recommendations

submitted to the Challenge.

4.6 Participants must comply with all requirements relating to recommendations and


The Organizing and / or Partner Company reserve (s) the right to not accept and to withdraw

from the challenge any recommendation that does not meet the characteristics described


ARTICLE 5 – Selection of winners

5.1 Three (3) Recommendations are designated at the end of the Challenge by a jury,

hereinafter called "Jury" composed of members of the Partner Company, with the skills

necessary to make the appointment from among the recommendations submitted by the

participants .

This designation will occur no later than August 15th, 2011 at 23:59.

The three (3) first teams authors of these Recommendations will be decided during a

presentation to a jury, hereinafter called the "Final jury" composed of trained professionals to

make the appointment from among the recommendations presented by participants.

This presentation will take place in September, subject to compliance dates for initial

registration and submission of recommendations, (the date and address of the event will be

announced later).

5.2 The Jury and the Final Jury will note Recommendations according to criteria of relevance,

originality, realism, framing and consistency with the theme of the Challenge.

5.3 Winners will be notified by the Organizing Company by email to the address entered at

the creation of the user account on the Website Studyka, and will receive a notification on

their account

If a winner does not respond to this email before the deadline mentioned in the email, or if the

winner Recommendation does not meet the requirements for guarantees set out in the

Regulations, the Partner Company will be able to designate an alternate winner and impute

prices, or to declare the prize not awarded.

5.4 The selection and appointment of the winners are conditioned to participation, at the end

of the Challenge, a minimum of twenty-four (24) students participating. This minimum is

justified by the need for Partner Company to provide a sufficient range of recommendations

to make the appointment fair winners.

The Partner Company will be entitled to cancel, extend or defer the Challenge in the case

where there would be fewer than twenty-four (24) students participating in after the

registration period for the Challenge.

ARTICLE 6 – Endowments

6.1 In return for the transfer of exploitation rights mentioned in Article 7 of the Rules, the

winners receive the following prizes:

The three (3) first will have the opportunity to present their work to a prestigious jury (Jury


The Partner Company will evaluate before September 31st, 2011 at 23:59 the work of three (3)

winners who will win the participating teams:

- Winning team - No. 1:

√ Opportunities for internships and / or employment (opportunities adapted according to

the profile of team members).

√ For each member: a stay of four days three nights including flights and

accommodation in a large international metropolis (New York ...) to a maximum of 800 €.

- Team 2:

√ For each member: a stay of four days three nights accommodation and flights included

in a major international city in their continent with a maximum estimated value of 500 €.

- Team 3 :

√ For each member: a weekend flight and accommodation included in a major

international city in their continent with a maximum estimated value of 500 €

The top 3 finalists will have the opportunity to present their project to a prestigious jury and

to forge ties with the company. The 3 teams will be decided during this event.

6.2 The Partner Company will present the above awards to the participating teams.

The delivery of prizes will take place during September, subject to compliance dates for

initial registration and submission of recommendations..

6.3 As necessary, it is clear that delivery of the endowment is conditional upon the delivery

by the winner to the Partner Company of the Master of the Recommendation on the format

and the media that will be provided.

ARTICLE 7 – Intellectual Property Rights

7.1 Definition

“Intellectual Property Rights": means any invention, any copyright and right on a brand, a

model, and more generally any element that could be protected by laws or international

conventions on intellectual property.

7.2 Each recommendation, which involved several participants, is a collective work.

7.3 Each entrant guarantees he has all intellectual property rights relating to his participation

in the Recommendation that he uploads on the website Studyka.

7.4 Each participant accepts already assign the intellectual property it has acquired on the

recommendation to the partner company, for free, globaly and unrestricted.

This assignment covers the right of reproduction in any support, known or unknown at

present, the right of exploitation of any kind, the right to change and the right to

representation by any means or media.

Each participant agrees to provide any description or documents required to transfer

intellectual property rights involved without further consideration than the price that the

partner company may offer them.

7.5 The Partner Company agrees not to infringe the moral rights of each participant in the

exploitation of the Recommendations.

ARTICLE 8 – Guarantee

8.1 Each participant guarantees that he is co-author and co-owner of intellectual property

rights on the Recommendation to which he has participated.

8.2 Each participant guarantees that the recommendation is original and unpublished, it

doesn’t infringes copyright of any third party, and that all its components and all the

informations it communicates through Recommendation are accurate, reliable and complete.

8.3 Each participant guarantees the Organiser Company and the Partner Company against any

trouble, action, claim, opposition, and claim any eviction from a third party.

ARTICLE 9 – Reimbursement of Participating costs

Participants may obtain upon written request before July 31st, 2011 (the date of the postmark

showing) the reimbursement of connection fees for the participation in Challenge on the basis

of 9 minutes flat connection that means 0, 66 € TTC and the reimbursement of postage

incurred in the claim of reimbursement and / or any written application for the settlement

(based on the going rate - slow rate 20g).

Participants do not pay connection fees related to the duration of calls (a subscription

"unlimited", users of cable, DSL etc..) can not get a refund because in this case the fact to

access the Challenge doesn’t causes any extra cost.

All requests for reimbursement by the participant must be made in writing to the following

address: STUDYKA, 5 Rue des Suisses - Paris (75014), and come with documentary

evidence of expenses incurred for participation in the Challenge.

The refund request should include:

• Full contact details (name, address, zip code, city name and email)

• Bank details (bank details) or RIP (Record of Identity Postal);

• Indicate the date, time and duration of connection to the site for participation in the


• Copy of the itemized bill from the telephone operator and / or provider to which he

subscribes, showing the date and time of its connections to the Website for the period, he

must identify it.

No requests for reimbursement will be made by phone or email.

Only one reimbursement per person (same name - same address) will be accepted.

All claims unreadable or giving incorrect address or sent after the deadline specified above,

will not be processed.

The Reimbursement will be made by bank transfer after checking the legitimacy of the


ARTICLE 10 – Respect for the integrity of the Challenge

The Partner Company reserves the right to cancel, cut short, suspend the Challenge if it

appears that fraud has occurred, including by computer as part of participation in the

Challenge. In this case, it reserves the right, not to award prizes to cheat and / or sue the

perpetrators of these frauds before the courts.

ARTICLE 11 – Host Society and Partner Enterprise IP

11.1 All trademarks, logos, text, icons, domain names, software available on the Website

Studyka, except teletransmitted Recommendations by participants in the Challenge and the

possible elements property of the partner company, are the intellectual property exclusive of

the Organising Company.

Participation in the Challenge is in no case an authorization to use or acquire ownership of the

trademarks, logos, inventions and intellectual property rights of the Organising Company.

11.2 The trademarks and logos of “Bouygues Construction” are the exclusive property of the

Partner Company.

Participation in the Challenge is in no case an authorization to use or acquire ownership of the

trademarks, logos, inventions and intellectual property rights of the Partner Company.

ARTICLE 12 – Personal Datas

The winners agree in advance the possible publication in any medias, of their name, first

name and / or city of residence without being able to claim any compensation or damages of

any nature whatsoever.

One participant, if he wins, authorizes the Partner Company, without charge, to freely use his

name, first name and city of residence in the possible online publication of the winner.

Under the law 78-17 of January 6th, 1978, as amended by the Act of 6th August 2004 relating

to computers, files and freedoms, every person has a right of access, opposition and rectify

data concerning him. The recipient of personal data recorded by the participants of the

Challenge is the company STUDYKA.

For any claim, you will write to: STUDYKA, 5 Rue des Suisses 75014 Paris, indicating the

phrase: "Participation in the Challenge Place de la Gare".

ARTICLE 13 – Curtailment of responsibility

13.1 The Organising Company reserves the right to shorten, extend or cancel the operation if

circumstances require. His liability may be incurred as a result, not because of any

malfunction of the Internet, transmission defect, loss of recommendations uploaded to the

Website Studyka, insufficient participants or any force majeure.

The participation in the Challenge implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics

and limitations of Internet.

The connection of any person to the website and participation in the

Challenge electronically is the sole responsibility of each participant, the responsibility of the

Organizing Company shall not be incurred as a result.

13.2 In case of force majeure, the Organising Company reserves the right to alter, curtail,

extend, suspend, cancel the Challenge before the end of the period of participation. In this

case, the Organising Company undertakes to notify the Partner Company and participants in

the shortest possible time, by a statement on the Website Studyka or Blog Studyka. These

regulations may be changed at any time in the form of an endorsement by the Organising

Company, after consultation with the partner company, in compliance with the conditions set

forth, and published online on the Website Studyka.

13.3 At any time during the challenge, participants are not subject to any subordination vis-àvis

the Organising Company or the Partner Company.

ARTICLE 14 – Applicable law and juridiction

This regulation is subject to French law. Any dispute which can not be settled amicably shall

be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts of jurisdiction in Paris.

Any claim relating to the Game must be made within a period not exceeding 90 (ninety) days

from the date of participation.

ARTICLE 15 – Filing of the Regulation

The Regulation of the Challenge is filed with the SCPLevel - Bornecque Winandy - Bru

Nifosi, huissiers de justice associés 15, Passage du Marquis de la Londe- 78000 – Versailles.

It is available for consultation on the Site Studyka.

A written copy of the rules will be sent free of charge, to any person who makes the request

before the close of the Challenge. This request must be sent by mail only, to STUDYKA -

"Place de la Gare" - 5 Rue des Suisses 75014 PARIS. The stamp of claim is refunded upon

joint written request to the current slow rate (must be accompanied by full name and address

of the participant, the title of the challenge), and including a bank details (or RIP, or RICE).