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For the second season, Groupe SEB is challenging you to create the product of tomorrow dedicated to the well-being of its consumers!  

Welfare, sport, relaxation, balanced cooking, health, beauty... There are so many possibilities. Don't hesitate to let your imagination create and design the product everyone dreams about! 


From the yogurt maker to the hair dryer, Groupe SEB has a wide brand portfolio  to be inspired from, and to start creating the product of the future! We invite you to discover and study them to define a new product which will likely be included into Groupe SEB line of product. 


Groupe SEB and Innovation  


The winner team will get the chance to take off to a quiet place around the Mediterranean Sea, where wellness is the only motto!

Several other prizes will be offered to the best teams such as: iPod Nano, Marshall Major headphones, Kindle Fire Tablets 7''...

Moreover, this challenge is an unique opportunity for you to be spotted by Groupe SEB's leaders, to develop your professional network and to present your ideas to a prestigious assembly! 

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Groupe SEB is the leader of the small domestic equipments for individuals and home market. With more than 24 brands, 6 with a global reach (Tefal, Rowenta, Krups, Moulinex, All-Clad and Lagostina) Groupe SEB is an internationally recognized firm.


Groupe SEB challenges you to design a new domestic product dedicated to the welfare of its consumers. 

There are some possibilities that you can dig up. Your project could eventually be inspired by these topics: 


  • Imagine the hair dryer of tomorrow.

  • To respond customers’ need for serenity by designing a new air purifier.

  • Imagine THE new cooking kit adapted to new trends of cooking.

  • Etc...


Project and Deliverables 

The challenge outcome will be divided into two different steps.


  • Step 1


In a first step, the best teams will be selected on the basis of a 2-page document - See «Details» for more details.



  • Step 2


In a second step, the best teams will have to send their final files: a developed presentation composed of 10 to 15 slides (maximum) explaining in details their idea. The selected teams will be invited to the final and will have the opportunity to present their project to the jury.


We recommend you to add following details both in your 2 page-document and your final document:


1- The concept

Detail your concept, show its originality and make it answers to real customers needs.  

  • Is your product topical Concrete the moment?
  • On what observations your idea is based on? 
  • Who's your target? 
  • Does your idea use actual trends and technology?
  • What about the financial and commercial side?

Fight for your product by showing its concrete benefits for the consumers welfare. Be realistic and professional but don’t forget to be creative! 

Concrete examples:

In Brazil, air blowers represent a large segment of the home small equipment market. Groupe SEB is the leader with its local brand Arno. 

In 2001, confronted to the dengue development (a disease transmitted by mosquitos), Brazilian teams came up with the idea to combine the ventilation function of the air blower with the diffusion of a mosquitos repellent.

First innovation: the repellent function was patented and completely new and innovative on the Latin American market. Mosquitos repellent pellets are inserted at the back of the air blower. So when put into action, blades allow an efficient diffusion of the product in the room. ‘’Ambiance Repelente’’ also break the design codes of the market: it becomes black where white is dominant, and it adopts a triangular basis with aerodynamics lines. There again, it’s innovative.

>> More details on the Ambiance Repelente air blower


Usage scenario

Describe the typical user of your product, show he/she will use it in a concrete scenario and what will be the benefit for him/her.  

3- Promote your product 

How can you make your product popular? What strategy can you imagine to create the buzz around it? What distribution canal do you intend to use? Finally, imagine an innovative communication strategy linked to well-being benefits of your product! 


How to participate ?

Participating to the challenge is very simple! 

You just have to log in on, and join a multidisciplinary team or build your own. Then you will have to propose a first 2 page-document which will be submitted to Groupe SEB leaders. If your product is selected, you will have to defend your product with a fully developed presentation. 

Multidisciplinary teams (Engineer, Business and Design) will have the favor of the jury. 

Your project has to be innovative and surprising, but also concrete and doable regarding to the market and Groupe SEB customers. We are counting on your inventiveness and your creativity! Don’t forget, this challenge is not about creating big equipment but to focus on small domestic equipments. 


To make sure that you take into account every angles of the project, don’t hesitate to join/create a multidisciplinary team. You don’t know anybody with those criteria? Use the Studyka platform to meet and share with others challengers! Many teams have been created on Studyka, and most of them have made very well, some even without meeting each other!