The SNCF Challenge


Climate change will present trains, the most environmentally-friendly form of motorised transportation, with new challenges. Intense heat waves, violent storms and heavy floods are just some of the climatic events that could cause problems for train traffic and impact the experience and quality of service for travellers. As we stand on the precipice of major climate change, take up the challenge of eco-mobility and revolutionise the railway system to make it better withstand future extreme climatic events!

To help you get a handle on this enormous project, here are a few themes that might get some ideas rolling:



Traveller services

Improve traveller services by coming up with ways to better inform people about traffic conditions and help create a sustainable railway system.  ! 

You can use any medium: innovative connected apps or novel publicity campaigns are just two examples to help you get started!



Infrastructure that can withstand climatic events

Faced with increasingly violent climatic events, railway infrastructure is being put to the test. Finding a way to adapt and improve technical aspects of railway infrastructure, tracks, electrical equipment and structures like railway bridges so that these can withstand climate change is the next big challenge!

Take part in this revolution by designing a better network. Here are some consequences of climate change that have an impact on trains:

  • Intense heat expands rails and overhead lines
  • Cold snaps, frost and ice can break rolling stock and switch systems
  • Storms and heavy rains that cause floods can damage electrical systems and equipment for trains and signals
  • Today strong winds and thunderstorms cause trees to fall onto the tracks, but in the future they might bring down the poles for the overhead lines that power vehicles/trains.





Train traffic:

Trains are themselves vulnerable to climate disturbances! Electronic chips that overheat and air conditioning that can't keep up with heat waves are just two examples of challenges that railway companies have to contend with.

Get your ideas flowing and come up with the solutions that will improve the traveller experience in the future!


Obviously, these are just a few examples. Let your imagination run free and suggest innovative, ambitious projects that meet a need!

Make your idea stand out. If your idea appeals to the SNCF experts, you could have the chance to work on refining and developing your concept at the Group.

It only takes a few clicks to connect to the platform, create or join a team, and make this a reality! There is just one question left to answer...

Are you ready to innovate?