Get involved with just a few clicks!

  • Head over to, choose the Make It Real challenge, click on "Participate", create a profile, and then join a team or create your own team if you already have an idea in mind.
  • Make your pitch by filling in the box provided with a description of the project. It needs to be short and clear so that you can attract those with the skills you need and so that people looking for a team will be able to join yours.

Challenge Stages

The Make It Real challenge will take place in 2 stages:

1st stage - Make It Real at COY11/COP21

From 26 to 28 November, the biggest climate meeting for young people will take place at the Villepinte Conference Centre! Several hundred workshops, seminars and meetings will be held during these three days. Participants can form multi-disciplinary teams to brainstorm on the millennium's most daunting challenges: How do we make our model of society sustainable and desirable?
This will provide an opportunity for dialogue with multi-talented young people from all over the globe!

Register now for this major gathering by clicking on this hyperlink.

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Experts will also be on hand to give their initial opinions of the projects that result from the meeting.

2nd stage - Online Hackathon

After these three days of dialogue and consideration, your team can continue the Make It Real adventure online for three months. Connect up with people with complementary skills so that your project can live up to its full potential. Experts will mentor your projects to prepare for a final presentation that will take place in February and recognise the top teams.

This online phase will be your only chance to get useful advice from professionals in key sectors involved in the fight against climate change!

It will take place in two stages:
- From 29 November to early January the teams will submit an initial deliverable giving a brief overview of their project (3 slides) and their team (1 slide). At the end of this period, the top 15 projects will be selected for the second stage of the online Hackathon.
- From early January to the end of February, the top 15 teams will refine their projects and produce 15 slides describing their projects in greater detail.