This challenge is closed.

Congratulations to the Winners of the #Mazarsforgood Innovation Challenge 2015 !

It’s the end of a great adventure!
The finalists of the 1st edition of the #MazarsforGood Innovation Challenge have worked hard for the past 8 months!
That is why we want to thank everyone for their dedication and passion for their venture.

To all the finalists of the #MazarsforGood Innovation Challenge 2015 – THANK YOU!

It is now the time to announce the final rankings per category!
Here are the winners of the #MazarsforGood Innovation Challenge 2015!

For Business

Sheaply (France/Morocco) is the winner of the #MazarsforGood Innovation Challenge 2015 in the “For Business” category.
They win USD 20,000 and will be able to scale their crowdshipping business and increase their marketing budget. Call them the Uber of shipping! Congratulations to Hicham and Yassine!

Societall (Morocco), the social network for good causes get the second place. Their social network wants to improve collaboration and communication between companies, NGOs and individuals, promote companies’ societal engagement and make it easier for NGOs to fund their projects and promote them. They win USD 2,000 for this!

Be-In (Greece) with an online invoicing and social rating platform. It wants to facilitate purchase & sales procedures and provide an alternative evaluation of potential clients and suppliers, through their own rating system, based on actual and real-time data of payments and compliance with the applicable terms of transactions. Their idea brought them USD 1,000!

For You, The Employee 

EasyGreen (Hong Kong) is the winner of the #MazarsforGood Innovation Challenge 2015 in the “For you, the Employee” category. Lud’In is a close second and Mix it Up from Mazars in France finished in the third position.

Their innovative solution for stress relief and community building in the workplace through horticulture seduced the jury of the #MazarsforGood Innovation Challenge. The USD 20,000 prize money will allow them to invest in the development of their app and upgrade their self-designed plant hanger which is already used at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Congratulations to Yan Kit, Hiu Yan and Hoi Ki!

Lud’In (France) came up with the concept of a gaming platform that makes collaborative management of skills possible between employees. Ludin wants to provide a faster, funnier, and effective way to foster employees skills within a company. They win USD 2,000.

Mix it Up (France) has built an app that makes people’s life easier through easy access to customized news feeds for professional and private matters. They win USD 1,000.

For Society

Toilets for All (South Africa) is the winner of the #MazarsforGood Innovation Challenge 2015 in the “For Society” category!
They want to provide a unique, all-in-one portable plastic eco-toilet design* that is more durable, greener and healthier to use for impoverished families who do not have access to sanitary sewage disposal. Litter becomes a currency for the families to get these toilets and use them. Businesses can use these toilets for advertising and education purposes as well as tax benefits from their investment in Toilets for All.
They will use the USD 20,000 to come up with a prototype of their eco-toilets, develop future patents and manufacture an initial batch of 10 toilets for a pilot in Kayamandi and Lynedoch (Stellenbosch). Congratulations to Jade, Matt and Gerard!

The Sand Bike (USA) is a close second with their alternate mode of transportation that encourages low income communities to use bicycles as business opportunities, while promoting a healthy lifestyle.
The Project consists of a bicycle-mounted container design that will allow the easy transportation of goods and the provision of services, attached to an energy generating mechanism and a tracking device that provides real-time analytics. This mechanism generates and stores energy through the pedaling motion and the movement of the wheels to provide electricity for small appliances and electronic devices. The generator and container will be easy to adapt to any type of bicycle frame. These group of features together with a bicycle is what we call The SAND Bike.
They win USD 2,000 for their idea.

CollaborAfrica (South Africa) takes the 3rd place in the Society category. It is a platform gathering willing learners, knowledge owners and businesses. They provide courses to willing young African learners, in skills of their choice and ability, wherever they are, at no cost to them – broken down in ‘commuting’ or ‘lunch time’ bits. CollaborAfrica offers relevant skills of choice, that will enable the African youth to start-up micro businesses.