This challenge is closed.

Change companies for good in 90 seconds!

Congratulations to the 10 finalists selected for the 2nd phase of the #Mazarsforgood Innovation Challenge.

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Want to help change then business world for good but don't have the funding to get started?

Are you willing to innovate and take an active role in changing companies for good?

Take part in the #Mazarsforgood Innovation Challenge!
Get the chance to win US$ 20,000 for your idea and present it in front of Mazars' leaders in Brussels, Belgium in December 2015!

How to participate ?

The #Mazarsforgood Innovation Challenge is open to all aspiring entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs worldwide between 20 and 30 years old, willing to make an impact. You can be a student, a graduate or a young professional.

1) Team up with 1 or 2 people and choose one category for your innovative idea.

How can companies do better:

For you, the employee

Employee engagement
Work environment

For society 

Community impact
Human Rights
Women empowerment

For business

with societal and/or
benefit factors

Topics listed under the 3 categories are examples of what your idea can be about.

Your idea can be a product, a service or a process. We encourage you to use technology and design thinking for your idea.

 2) Present your idea in a 90 seconds

  • Record a video and upload it on YouTube or Youku 
  • Add the #mazarsforgood hashtag, the name of your team in the title,
  • Use the intro/outro inserts provided.
  • Get 200 likes on your video! Get them by sharing your video on Twitter and other social networks!


3) Fill in the idea canvas

We want to learn more about your idea. Download the idea canvas template and let us know about the purpose, context, solution and impact of your project.

  • Purpose: key aspects of your vision?
  • Context: What is the problem you are solving and the context?
  • Solution: what’s your idea? How does it work?
  • Impact: social/environmental impact?






4) Post your video and your idea canvas on your dedicated space before April 14 at 8pm CET. 

Keep in mind that your submissions must be done in English.

The winning team for each category will receive USD 20,000 each.

•    The 2nd place teams will win USD 2,000,
•    The 3rd place teams will win USD 1,000.
•    The team with the most popular idea will win USD 1,000.