This challenge is closed.


Your team must be composed of 2 or 3 members. No more than 3 no less than 2.

We advise you to team-up with multidisciplinary and international students.

Like the international teams of Michelin, multidisciplinary and multicultural teams will be more likely to bring out the best and the more relevant ideas.

Don't hesitate to use the platform to find your team-mates and partners, the experience will be better!


This Michelin Student Challenge Bibendum is divided into 3 steps:

1st step

A first proposal will help the jury to preselect the most relevant projects. Thus, we ask you to download the preselection file in which you will detail your ideas in and describe your team. 

Download the preselection file 

This document must be uploaded on the platform before 11:59 pm, May 4th, 2014 - Paris time zone, GMT+1 - via your online team space. 

2nd step

Once you have been selected for the 2nd step, you will have to send a second document in English- maximum of 20 slides or pages - providing a depth presentation of their concept.

To give your team all the chances, send us an Executive Summary highlighting the potential of your project in order to win the Facebook vote. You just need to explain your project and your idea into a slide showing its innovative and unique aspect!

Don’t forget to illustrate your projet. Be creative to be spotted by the jury! You can add your final project any relevant visual elements - drawings, videos, animation, models...  The file format is free. You can be as creative as you want to offer us an innovative project. Differentiate yourself from the other teams and win this challenge.

Concretely, we ask you to send us:

  • Your presentation document of maximum 20 slides 

  • An “Executive Summary”, describing your idea in 1 slide for the Facebook vote.

  • Eventually, another deliverable to make an impression with your creativity

These documents have to be uploaded on the platform before 11:59 pm, July 6th, 2014 - Paris time zone, GMT+1 - via your online team space.

3rd step 

Your “Executive Summary” will be used during the Facebook vote step: each member of the team that has received the most Facebook “likes”, will win a gift related to mobility!

The jury members will study each document: 3 teams will be chosen as finalist of the contest. 

The final ranking of the teams 1 to 3 will be determined after their presentation in front of the jury, composed of majors CEO’s, experts and professionals during the Michelin Challenge Bibendum, in November 2014.

This presentation should summarize the main approach of your project.

Selection criteria

1/ Cleverness and originality of the proposal in terms of innovation, usage, technology, economic model, etc…

2/ Impact and Relevance: adaption to the local or international stakes and to the themes

3/ The feasibility of the implementation