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Imagine the Campus of the Future

According to the MIT Technology Review, Paris-Saclay is one of the top world's top eight technology hubs. This ambition is embodied in the future Paris-Saclay urban campus. It will house various research centres, respected academic institutions, high-tech businesses and accommodation facilities. The Etablissement Public Paris-Saclay is currently developing and urbanising this campus.

Your task will involve supporting this new urban development by coming up with innovative solutions to create a dynamic and inspiring campus environment.

The Prize

First and foremost, this Challenge is an opportunity to pitch your project to a prestigious panel of managers and executives from major companies, and to add an experience to your CV that will make you stand out from the crowd.

What's more, there are various prizes to be won. Would you like to win a trip to Tokyo or Amsterdam? Or perhaps you'd prefer to win a tablet PC, e-book reader or gift voucher? There are also special Sodearif, Sodexo and EDF prizes to be won.

So why wait a second longer? Register now!

Here are some pointers to help you put together your project for this second Paris-Saclay Challenge:

# Innovative Services: Do you have an idea that could help to create an open, connected campus, or perhaps make life a little easier or more enriching at the campus? Then put forward your solutions (apps, banking services, shops, delivery services, connected urban sensors, etc.) to help improve the day-to-day lives of campus users.

# Social Connections: The campus and surrounding area are home to various communities, including French and international students, professionals, shop-keepers, residents and visitors. The interaction between these communities is integral to the success of the Paris-Saclay hub. Do you have an idea that could help build social connections between these communities? Submit your initiatives, original association projects, unusual campus facility usage ideas, unifying events, sharing and communication tools, etc.

# Quality of Life: A campus is much more than just a set of urban facilities and buildings. It is also important to look beyond the physical characteristics and focus on developing a campus spirit and guaranteeing user well-being. It's your job to imagine ways of improving quality of life for all campus users, making it an exceptional place to work, study and do business. You may have an idea for a sports association, or perhaps a well-being, health or leisure facility... This Challenge is a chance for you to pitch an original solution that will benefit the Paris-Saclay campus. It's your task to imagine the campus of your dreams, worthy of the most prestigious French universities and institutions.

Key Words

Campus, communities, interaction, innovative public services, banking service, energy, mobility, accommodation, campus management, collaborative systems, sharing, social connection, mobility, multi-modal transport, connected street furniture, big data, universities, businesses, start-ups, shops, events, associations, leisure, well-being, quality of life, creativity, entrepreneurship, environment, open innovation, industrial ecosystems.

How to enter

Are you a student or recent graduate? Taking part in the Challenge couldn't be any easier! Simply register on the website, create a new team or join an existing team of two or three students, and complete the pre-selection documentation.


Just like Silicon Valley, Paris-Saclay is a major scientific hub where universities, R&D centres and start-ups come together to attract the very best talent. It is a place that is growing fast.

It is a sort of "cluster", bringing together educational institutions, research labs, businesses and incubators. The hub will soon feature its very own campus, with accommodation, shops, restaurants, social and sports facilities and green spaces...

As you are already aware, the aim of this Challenge is to support the development of the future Paris-Saclay campus by proposing innovative, creative ideas. It is not about modernising or reinventing existing facilities and infrastructure (buildings, transport, street furniture). Instead, participants are invited to pitch innovative solutions that will help to improve quality of life at the campus and encourage connections between all communities.

Your Mission

This is a chance to imagine the campus of your dreams – one that provides the perfect environment for students and businesses to succeed.

Your task is to come up with original solutions – focusing on the themes of innovative services, social connection and quality of life – that will make Paris-Saclay the "place to be". To ensure your project meets the requisite standards, we recommend that you follow the process outlined below:

1/ Objectives

What criteria will your concept need to meet? What are your objectives?
What community(-ies) are you targeting? What are their needs?
How is your concept consistent with existing facilities and infrastructure?
How will your project fit into Paris-Saclay's geographical context?

2/ Concept

Describe your concept and explain why it is original, innovative and based on practices and/or new technologies. Remember that your concept must be suitable for the Paris-Saclay area and be compatible with existing projects.

You are free to come up with a concept that covers one, two or all three of the selected themes.

Example solutions:
-    Innovative services
-    Unique event
-    Apps
-    etc.

3/ Feasibility

Your project needs to be realistic, in terms of both technology and economics. Think like a young entrepreneur and consider every aspect of your project.
We will also expect you to answer the following questions:

• Within what time frame can your project be achieved (immediately, in a few years)?
• What resources will you use (existing infrastructure, etc.)?
• What information do you have to help you implement your project?
• What technologies do you need?
• What will your business model be?
• Which key partners will be involved in this project (public bodies, businesses, associations, etc.)?

Set your imagination free and pitch innovation solutions that will improve the day-to-day lives of Paris-Saclay's residents! 

Good luck!

Teams of 2 to 3


  • 11 trip to an amazing metropolis
  • 21 trip to a european capital
  • 3€300 gift card
  • 41 Kindle Fire HD
  • 51 Kindle
  • 6€50 gift card
  • 7€50 gift card
  • 8€50 gift card
  • 9€50 gift card
  • 10€50 gift card


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