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Build the BUZZ around PicoPix!

That was the mission given to the students for this challenge!

March 20, 2014, the 6 finalists teams were invited to SagemCom head office to defend their project during a whole afternoon.

After 3 months working on their idea, the 6 final teams had the opportunity to present it in front of Philips’ management committee.


Discover the teams and the highlights of this final awards ceremony by clicking on the link below to access the picture gallery: 


 Pictures Gallery

Team "Spaghetti Transmedia" :

Team “Spaghetti Transmedia“ with Sveva Wiquel (Sciences Po) and Christian Polito (CNED CI).

Traditional campaigns are for traditional products, new generation campaigns are for new generation products. Interactivity, Social and Adventure are our key words…discover our vision of life and PicoPix!

Team "Three Black Birds":

Team “The Three Black Birds“ with Yannis Henrion, Clarisse Balencie et Camille Criqui (ISCOM).

PicoPix will make you live unforgettable moments by creating a connection between your past and your future. Future starts now and is yours to build. Get ready for an amazing journey with PicoPix!

Team "You Should":

Team “You Should“ with Fanny Moral, Frédéric Mouton and Olga Baranova (ISCOM).

You should get over yoursef and take a journey Beyond Visual Experience. Capture the beauty that surrounds you and express it through any kind of visual content possible. Share your perception of the world thanks to Philips and submit your vision to everyone on this planet using any kind of visual tools. Our campaign uses modern and high-technological tools to promote beauty through the PicoPix experience.

Team "Blast":

Team “You Should“ with M.L, Lola Van Den Berg and Jeremy Zieglerg (ISCOM).

The whole campaign is based around the superhero theme with the baseline ‘Anyone can be a superhero’. We want our defined target to be reached through different innovative actions, and the core of our strategy would be a crowd-funding website. PicoPix together with GoPro are going to surprise, engage and reward them thanks to this new global campaign!

Team XXL :

Team “XXL“ with Vincent BRONNER (Reims Management School), Morgan Simon (Université Paris XII) and Marie Fuhrmann (Ecole de Condé de Paris).

Our concept: Creation of the slogan #LIFEONBIGSCREEN which will be declined on three level of communication (DIGITAL MARKETING, OUT & INDOOR MARKETING & STREETMARKETING) to show to our target how amazing it is to see their lives on a big screen in the five main European cities.

Team "Always On" :

Team “Always On“ with Eytan LERBA, David ZELNIKER and Julian JOST (Oxford University).

Philip’s PicoPix is the device that will revolutionize the portable visual media world. By having the ability to be shared anywhere, with anyone, PicoPix is the piece of technology that will finally cut the chord from our dependence on the traditional television set. Following the Always on strategy of 4 basic principles: build, market, develop, create; the new portable visual screen surrounded by a rich content-based ecosystem, will change how the world consumes digital and moving image media forever.

We want to thank Philips and SagemCom for setting up very interesting challenge. We also want to thank all the students who took part in this contest and most especially the 6 finalist teams for their implication, projects and motivation.

Teams of 2 to 3


  • 1Philips Screeneo
  • 2Philips PicoPix PPX 3610
  • 3Philips PicoPix PPX 3410
  • 4Philips headphones SHL 3000 WT
  • 5Philips headphones SHL 3000 WT
  • 6Philips headphones SHL 3000 WT


  • Mélo
  • Serene Agency
  • juju_ski
  • Susann Stenschke
  • ilusium
  • Olga
  • Matthieulebas
  • EBoreau
  • Celena
  • sympatiko1
  • antonia
  • ThoG
  • Patrick-Wilson
  • ClarisseBalencie
  • Sonia.B.ISCOM

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