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Allowed countries

You must be living in Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy or France to take part in this challenge. No other countries are allowed.


Your team must be composed of 2 or 3 members. No more than 3.

Your team can be assembled from a variety of nationalities and profiles: engineering students, business, design, journalism, accounting, finance, law... Multidisciplinary teams will be more likely to bring out the best and the more relevant ideas, and they will have the judges' particular attention.

Multidisciplinary teams will have an advantage! Crossing referencing talents, competences and profiles ensure the merging of the best ideas and innovation.

Don’t hesitate to use the platform to find your team-mates and partners!


This challenge is divided into 3 steps:

1st step

A document proposal will help preselect the most relevant projects. Thus, we ask you to download the preselection file in which you will detail your project. This "teaser" must create interest of the jury to make them want to see your project in further details.

Download the preselection file

This document must be uploaded on the platform before January 5th 2014.

2nd step

The selected teams will have to send a second document- maximum 15 slides or pages - providing in-depth presentation of their concept.

You can do what you want and take initiative to provide the most an attractive proposal.

We recommend you to use visual elements - drawings, videos, animation, models ... - allowing you to present your concept as thoroughly as possible. We advise you to include your resume in an appendix document.

These documents have to be sent on PDF format before February 16th 2014 - Paris time zone, GMT+1 - via your online team space.

3rd step

Among all the participating teams, 5 teams will be selected for the final. These 5 teams will be invited to present their concept in person at the Final Ceremony. The presentation will last 10 minutes, and be followed by 5 minutes of questions. Remember: be clear, concise, accurate and convincing!

Bonus step

A 6th "wildcard" team will aslo be selected for the final Ceremony! A facebook vote will take place from January 20th to February 16th 2014. The team with the most "likes" to their video/picture will earn the 6th place and  will present their concept on the Final Ceremony along with the other finalists, above. 

Teams of 2 to 3


  • 1Philips Screeneo
  • 2Philips PicoPix PPX 3610
  • 3Philips PicoPix PPX 3410
  • 4Philips headphones SHL 3000 WT
  • 5Philips headphones SHL 3000 WT
  • 6Philips headphones SHL 3000 WT


  • Matthieu Mischa
  • Jibi
  • Zuzoq
  • svevissima
  • Sonia.B.ISCOM
  • Emma_Allemagne
  • Camsoux
  • yannishenrion
  • kika
  • Celia Zed
  • Juliette.C.ISCOM
  • Loïc Galvier
  • Frederic
  • EléonorePeron
  • ar.mimi

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