This challenge is closed.

Road Safety Challenge Final

The final of the challenge organised by Allianz was held on their site on Thursday, 21 May 2015.

The purpose of this third edition of the challenge, which was dedicated to transport of the two-wheeled kind, was to reduce the number of accidents. The finalists presented their projects to a panel made up of managers from Allianz and the Association Prévention Routière(French Road Safety Association).

A multitude of solutions was presented at the grand final, including applications, services, information campaigns and even connected objects!

Team 1: « Re-Think »

The "Re-Think" team with Kevin Favre, Sylve Chevet and Louise De Mauroy (HEC/ENS)

In the team's own words:Reality Check is a project designed to raise awareness of road safety and uses virtual reality technology to create an immersive experience of road hazards in order to increase the understanding of motorcyclists.

Team 2: « Les Précurseurs »

The "Les Précurseurs" team with Eric Ah-Tiane and Véronique Blanchet (Mines de Saint-Etienne)

In the team's own words: Head to head, a proactive helmet. It is a stylish technological solution that helps the wearer. The helmet increases safety by reacting to hazards and accidents.

Team 3: « Safe&Smart »

The "Safe&Smart" team with Anëlle Radigois and Orlane Mariette (ESPL Angers)

In the team's own words: Shine on Bike is a road safety pack designed for motorbikes. It has three elements: a jacket with a directional pad, two vibrating bracelets and a mobile application. The aim of this pack is to increase rider visibility and comfort.

Team 4: « Alliance Bordeaux »

The "Alliance Bordeaux" team with Anaïs Mersch, Paula Da Silva and Joy Dupuch (E-artsup Bordeaux)

In the team's own words:

Our show helps to create meaning from anonymous data that has little impact. We decided to transform accident percentages into groups of life-size dummies to show how much damage is caused by accidents.

Team 5: « Spark »

The "Spark" team with Anne-Charlotte Moreau and Armelle Pacreau (ESPL Angers)

In the team's own words:

Ouilz, the community application that offers a range of innovative and interactive features, and its connected box help to inform motorcyclists of the dangers they may encounter as they ride, teach them some simple things they can do and lastly create a community around their passion and means of transport.

A big thank you to the teams from Allianz, the Association Prévention Routière and all of the teams for this exciting challenge!