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Your team

Your team must consist of two or three students or recent graduates (graduated less than two years ago).

Ideally, you should try to create a team of people with different backgrounds and expertise. This will give you a broader skill set and help to encourage new ideas. Innovation often comes from the meeting of different skills and talents.

Alternatively, you can join an existing, incomplete team, share your knowledge with the other member(s) and improve your own chances of winning. You can also talk to other people on the website via video-conference or chat, so geography is no obstacle!

Go to to register your team or find new team members.


The Allianz Challenge in three steps:

Step 1

You will submit a three-slide PowerPoint or PDF presentation, which the panel will use to select the best projects.

You will be asked to submit this presentation online, outlining your initial ideas and introducing your team.

Download the preselection file

You will need to upload this document to the platform before 8 March 2015.

Step 2

Next, you will submit a 15-slide PowerPoint or PDF presentation about your project via the platform. You are free to choose the format of your presentation, although we strongly recommend that you include a visual illustration of your project.

For example, you could attach a demonstration video, a functional or visual model, sketches of your project, etc. In short, you can include anything you feel is relevant.

Your project must be clearly presented and must contain no more than 15 slides.

You will need to submit this selection document no later than midnight on 12 April 2015. The Allianz managers will start the voting process the very next day!

Step 3

The panel will assess each entry and five teams will be selected to attend the final in late May 2015. The final ranking will be decided once the finalists have pitched their projects to the panel of Allianz managers.

You will have 10 minutes to present the major aspects of your project. There will then be a five-minute question and answer session. You'll need to be clear, concise, precise and persuasive!

Selection Criteria

Your entry will be assessed against the following criteria:

Originality of your project

Impact and relevance