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Geek? High Tech addict? Car buff?


You are one of them? Great! Renault propose to you to connect your smartphone to your car: imagine the innovative app connected in real time to your car!



Thanks to the opportunity to present your work before the managers of Renault, your team gets a chance to be spotted, to get internship offers or even job offers.

Moreover the competition rewards many teams. You can win a lot of gifts indeed, such as the iPad 3 for each teammate!


Your mission

On the mobile apps market, interactivity is king. 

Cars are no exception with new GPS apps, maps or any other interactive trafic indicators! Renault comes within the trend by developing a brand new API which let us export some data from the car to our phone.

Renault invites you to enhance the driving and car traveling experience by imagining an innovative app which offers to the driver and passengers new features.  From the speed to safety checkings to the windshield wiper blade activation, consider that you can use on your app all the data from the car in conjunction with the data of its direct environment.

All types of applications are possible: information, entertainment, community, musical, economic, ecological...

Game Rules 

Composed of young car buffs or little genius full of fresh inovative ideas, your team have to create a mobile app connected to the car. Shake your mind to make it to a pertinent project. Adapt it to the passengers, who are, don't forget it, your first customers.

Let's imagine an inovative app which will be consistent with the smartphone market evolution! 

Your project needs imagination and creativity but also teamwork skills to conceive a realistic and consistent project. Your proposition must therefore be based on an analysis to answer to identified needs and opportunities.

We suggest you to divide your teamwork in three parts:



Your app

What is the idea? What consideration does it take into? Defend your concept by showing its benefits. Be pro and realistic, but let your imagination go crazy!



Last tendances integration

It is good to have a concept. But it is better for it to be up-to-date! Show how your app adapt itself to the last tendances. Adaptable to new media, immersive, connected...  Integrate your "app" in (auto) mobile reality of tomorrow. Demonstrate that your project is consistent


Promotion of your app

How to make it famous? What is your buzz strategy?