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Great news! Groupe SEB Academy is back with its third edition. For this challenge, Groupe SEB calls on you to revolutionize the kitchen world. Create your own team and imagine the product or service that will make your everyday life in the kitchen easier.

Your goal: create the new perfect kitchen product or service for students.

Whatever your training is (business school, design, engineer…), think about the cooking needs of young people, create your utensil/service and promote it to the student community!


Not only will you have the opportunity to meet managers of Groupe SEB, but also win a lot of prizes: trips, Withings Watches or gift vouchers. Express your creativity and focus on needs that students meet in their kitchen.

Meet SEB ALLIANCE, the investment fund of Groupe SEB during the big finale!

SEB ALLIANCE will also be present to choose the winning teams of the Groupe SEB Academy 2014. Their mission is to financially support the development of companies with high technological aspects.

The finalist teams will have the unique opportunity to meet managers from this investment fund. They will exchange with them and maybe even consider a possible development of their project!


  The challenge

The context

Groupe SEB is the worldwide leader in small domestic appliances and more specifically in the kitchen field. Groupe SEB owns 24 brands. Moreover, 6 of them are large global brands: Tefal, Rowenta, Krups, Moulinex, All-Clad and Lagostina.

Groupe SEB gives you the opportunity to create the project that will revolutionize the kitchen field for young people.

In order to provide us with a quality project, we invite you to follow these steps:

1/ Analysis of the needs

Before introducing your concept and its functionalities, show the daily needs of young people. Start from this postulate: a student moves into his first apartment, studio or share room. Which tool or service will be perfect to fit his kitchen needs and solve the small space issue?

You can ask yourself these questions:

- What do students expect?
- What are their main needs?
- How will young people use their kitchen?

2/ Your concept and Scenario

It’s your turn to show us your idea! How will young people use your utensil or service in their kitchen? How is it supposed to improve and make their life easier?
Try to come up with a creative and innovative project. Here are some guidelines you can base your concept on in order to find the cooking innovation of tomorrow:

→ Connected object
→ Website or mobile application (linked to the kitchen field)
→ Domestic electrical for the kitchen
→ Smart kitchen utensil

In order to prove that your concept is essential, imagine some role-playing and scenario where your utensil or service will be used.

3/ The Marketing Strategy

Share your marketing and communication strategy. Be careful, it’s a very large question, so focus on a particular aspect. Whatever your idea is: a communication plan, a marketing study or a market research… Feel free to choose the method you want and prove to us that your project is the best!

⇒    How will you reach the biggest number of student?
⇒    What will be the design of your utensil?
⇒    Which functionality will you highlight?
⇒    How will you promote your product? Partnership? Event? Advertising campaign?

This is a non-exhaustive list, feel free to choose the most relevant approach.

How to proceed

Are you a student or a young graduate? To participate in this contest, nothing easier! You just have to submit on Studyka website. Create your own team or join one and fill out your pre-selection file.
The jury will appreciate any document that could give a clear overview of you concept (scheme, video, model and prototype).
Prove us that your concept deserves a place in the big final of the Groupe SEB challenge!

Don’t hesitate and register!

Good luck!

Teams of 2 to 3


  • 1Trip to a European capital for a value of €800
  • 2Withings watch for a value of €390
  • 3Gift voucher for a value of €300
  • 4Gift voucher for a value of €200
  • 5Gift voucher for a value of €100


  • Ferid88
  • Sally Nm
  • Lauriane7
  • lucylucy
  • charlesaudemars
  • clementpk
  • Juliettemdc
  • paodarin
  • Juls_h
  • ChaM
  • alexandre_fi2
  • Hadori
  • sysylienne
  • Biju
  • Ninijd

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