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Your team must be composed of 2 or 3 students or young graduates (less than 2 years).    
We invite you to create a team with various profiles: technicians, business schools, engineering, architecture, planning, design, sociology, university courses…

Multidisciplinary teams are more likely to bring out the more relevant ideas: innovation usually results from a combination of skills and talents.

You can also join an incomplete team if you want to share your skills and put all your chance on your side.
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The challenge of Groupe SEB is divided in 3 steps:

1st step

A first proposal of 3 slides PowerPoint or PDF will help the jury preselect the most relevant projects. Thus, we ask you to download your pre-selection file in which you will detail (in French or in English) your ideas and describe your team.

Download the pre-selection file.

This document must be uploaded on the platform before november 9th, 2014.

Download the preselection file

2nd step

The preselected teams will have to deliver a 15 slides PowerPoint or PDF document on the plateform.

The file format is free, but any intent to add relevant visual elements will be highly valued. For example, you can add to your file a video demo, a graphic model, a tablet/smartphone concept application… or any deliverable that you think can be relevant. We also want you to present your team by adding your cv in the appendix of your document.

Your project must be presented and understood in a maximum of 15 slides PowerPoint or PDF.

The Public Vote

Win a place for the final thanks to the Public Vote!

From December the 22nd, 2014 to January the 5th, 2015, all the preselected teams will have the opportunity to present their project to the public. Create a teaser of your concept, upload it on Studyka and create the buzz!

At the end of this period, the team with the most votes, will directly access the final and present their project in front of Groupe SEB's teams.

Present your idea, share it with your friends and get as many vote as possible!

Our advice: make a short 1 minute video (with Powtoon software or your smartphone for example) and upload it on Studyka.

However, you are free to present it the way you want, but keep in mind that your document have to create the buzz to send you to the final.

The 2 deliverables (the 15 slide PowerPoint document and the "Public Vote" document) must be uploaded before December the 21st, 2014 at midnight. The Public Vote will start the day after.

3rd step

 Each proposal will be reviewed by the jury: 5 teams will be selected as finalists of the challenge.

The final ranking will be determined at the end of the presentations. Your presentation will be done in front of the jury composed of professionals from Groupe SEB and should summarize the main approaches of your project.

It will last 10 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of questions; be clear, concise, accurate and convincing!

Selection criteria

Your files will be evaluated according to these criteria:

1/ Originality of the proposal in terms of usage, technology, process…

2/ Impact and relevance of the proposal

3/ Feasibility of the implementation

Teams of 2 to 3


  • 1Trip to a European capital for a value of €800
  • 2Withings watch for a value of €390
  • 3Gift voucher for a value of €300
  • 4Gift voucher for a value of €200
  • 5Gift voucher for a value of €100


  • paodarin
  • lijiayijessie
  • RaphaëlMoraly
  • Clémence.Caron
  • eloiseg
  • FannyN
  • Aurélie
  • maxselliez
  • varril95
  • Sandreeeta
  • thomassagnier
  • Luxayni
  • Camille_GDF-ace
  • Alexandre_fi
  • Juls@

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