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Imagine the kitchen of tomorrow with Groupe SEB!

Cooking up innovation: roll up your sleeves and season to taste as you imagine the kitchen of tomorrow!

The international student challenge on the subject of cooking is back. Take part in the fourth Groupe SEB Academy, with a variety of prizes to be won (travels, Withings watches…)!

This year, there are three themes focusing on small domestic appliances:

The connected kitchen: smarter, more digital, more convenient… what is your ideal connected kitchen appliance?

Innovative cooking: invent a new appliance for the kitchen of your dreams that will revolutionise the world of small household equipment.

A redesigned kitchen: imagine how the items in your kitchen could interact, come together or take on innovative new uses.

It's up to you to be inspired by these themes and imagine the new kitchen appliance that cooking enthusiasts all over the world will want to get their hands on.


There are many prizes for the most innovative projects. If you stand out from the crowd, Groupe SEB will invite you to Lyon for two days focused on innovation.

Once you have won over the jury with your project, you will be one of 20 teams who will run a stand at the specially organised marketplace in March 2016. It's up to you to seize the opportunity to win recognition by pitching to the managers. Demonstrate your creativity and eloquence to convince them that your project is the best.

The five best teams will get the chance to take part in an immersive workshop on creativity at the SEB Lab. Experts will help you accelerate your project and imagine how it could fit into the Groupe SEB product development strategy. You will get the full benefit of their experience and expertise.

   The challenge

Groupe SEB is the leading company in the small domestic appliance market, particularly in the kitchen equipment sector. Today the company would like to include you in its innovation policy by encouraging you to think about one of the challenge's three themes:

As you know, the goal is to imagine the kitchen of tomorrow by meeting a particular need. Once you have understood the market you want to address, the only limit is your imagination. Add value to existing Groupe SEB products or invent entirely new ones.

Get together with people from complementary backgrounds and demonstrate that your project is viable and complete. You can use these questions to prove that your idea is the best:

- Why will your project make a difference?
Arm yourself with an analysis of the requirement to ensure you understand it and can respond effectively.
- How does your product innovate?
Root your project in reality by presenting the concept and a use case.
- How will you reach your target audience?
Show that you can convince buyers by presenting a marketing strategy.

You can use Wix to formalise your project with a website in just a few clicks. Easy to use, this first approach will enable you to access the marketplace and pitch your project, backed up by a stand run by you.

Whether you are a student or a young graduate, whatever your course, you can enter the challenge. Just register at the site Studyka. Then you can join a team or create your own and complete the pre-selection form.

Teams of 2 to 3


  • 1Trip to a European capital for a value of €800
  • 2Withings watch for a value of €390
  • 3Gift voucher for a value of €300
  • 4Gift voucher for a value of €200
  • 5Gift voucher for a value of €100


  • Sylvain E
  • nina.schi
  • Elmedio
  • Julia13
  • CharlineS
  • AJ1ANKUR05
  • CarolineF
  • Maxou the one
  • rfeillet
  • Sharlen
  • LePetitPrince
  • Magsce
  • Kim Jahnke Derollez
  • Naomi

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