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Microsoft Challenge : Imagine the marketing strategy of the Surface Pro 3

The Microsoft Challenge awards ceremony took place on Friday, February 13, 2015 on their premises !

The 6 finalist teams had the chance to present their project to an exceptional jury of top managers as Anne-Sophie Pioneer (Adobe Regional Market Manager), Marion Freixe (MDS Head of Retail Market & Customer), Amelie Lair (Intel Strategic Accounts Western European Consumer) and Cedric Chamayou (Windows Consumer product Manager) during a special afternoon. Alternatively, they could explain their concept and ideas to win this last step. 

Many students, partners and friends of those teams also got the chance to join them and support them during the presentations. An highly motivated and enthusiastic public to foster the finalists !


Want to discover the main points of this awards ceremony ? Take a look at the photo gallery by clicking on the following link :

Galerie photo

1st team : « Magbed »

The team : Elodie Durand, Mathilde Bessac Dessertaux et Aurore Guyet (Art School of Maryse Eloy).

Project  : The time when children leave the family nest is often a source of concern. To make this step more gentle, parents will offer to their children a survival kit, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 ! They will be able to move easily, work, play, share and create a new professional network while staying in close contact with their friends and family.

2nd team : « Deicio »

The team : Lucile Lainé, Benjamin Charpy et Rémi Colin (ICD Business School).

Project : The idea is to attract students who will access to high school through a cocnept : « No mater what you become, the Surface Pro 3 will be there to support you. » How ? by ensuring them, as well as their parents, that the Surface Pro 3 will be essential to help them in their future personal development choices, desires and success.

3rd team : « Créasoft »

The team : Iris Konrad, Edouard Bielle, Hugo Castro et Paul Le Senechal (ESG Management School).

Project : it’s build around two major assets of the Surface Pro 3 : creativity and functionality. The first one is bring to light through a contest (drawing the  album cover of an artist) during Solidays festival. The second one is based on the presence of ambassadors within France largest libraries, with the aim of familiarizing sudents with the Surface Pro 3.

4th team : « No_Name »

The team : Mallory Lazare et Anna Trebern (Art School of Maryse Eloy).

Project : Freedom of expression is a very simple concept that speaks to all. It’s reflects youth expectations today, those able to speak freely with new digital tools. Freedom of expression is still a fairly broad idea to arouse the dream and desire.

5th team : « Marketeam »

The team : Joanna Potier, Barbara Congelosi et Franciane Souffrant (ESG Management School).

Project : The Microsoft Surface Pro 3, a not coming out like the others ! Simplicty ? And what if we could think in larger dimensions, at the height of the iconic Museum of Louvre ? The point is simple, to affirm the new idendity of the Surface Pro 3, that of a digital notebook. 1500 students will compete in various competitions according to their field of study. So come SMASH THE MUSEUM ! 

6th team : « The A Team »

The team : Marianne Lescieux, Jean Létendard et Imen Merzoug (ESG Management School).

Project : A tour campus in France by the MoonWalker, container composed by 2 floors. On the ground floor, tablet testing workshops with stylus, photobooth and games using Xbox controller. Upstairs, a game with a giant Surface Pro 3 which the keyboard uses light carpet on which we run from one key to another to answer a mystery. The winners will be offered a dream job !


We want to especially thank Microsoft for this contest and this beautiful awards ceremony but also Adobe and Intel for their involvement and participation in the Jury.

Thank you again to schools and students for their support and enthusiasm during this day ! 

Teams of 2 to 3


  • 1Surface Pro 3 et entretien RH
  • 2Surface Pro 3
  • 3Windows Phone
  • 4Kit de matériel hardware ou chèques cadeaux Microsoft Store
  • 5Kit de matériel hardware ou chèques cadeaux Microsoft Store
  • 6Kit de matériel hardware ou chèques cadeaux Microsoft Store


  • Erika
  • Julia.A
  • Celena
  • CamilleAzteque
  • Sara.L
  • julien.d
  • Beleyem
  • Antoine Pernet
  • lala
  • ImenM
  • Justine Guénard
  • PierMorin
  • Lgsam
  • Morgan Lille

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