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Your team should be made up of 2 or 3 students.

It may incorporate a range of profiles and/or different nationalities: design, animation, multimedia, engineers, or those studying accounting, finance, law, taxation, media, etc. at university.

Please feel free to use the platform to look for your teammates and enhance your experience!


The Surface challenge takes place in 3 stages:

Stage 1


The members of the jury will select the most relevant ideas based on an initial deliverable of three PowerPoint slides or PDF pages. We will therefore ask you, first of all, to submit an online file in which you will give an outline of your ideas.

Don't produce a catalogue of ideas and skim through them all. Instead, adopt a position in a precise area of reflection and work on it in detail.

Download the prequalification documents

This document is to be uploaded to the platform by 9 November 2014.

Stage 2

The shortlisted teams should deliver their final file, which should include at least a 15-slide PowerPoint or PDF document giving a detailed presentation of the project.

At this stage, your progress will be followed by a coach from the Microsoft Group, who will guide you through your project and answer any questions you many have.

Microsoft will also lend each team a Surface Pro 3 so that you can discover its features and test your project in real-life conditions.

It is up to you what form you use, although any initiative that illustrates the project will be marked highly. You can, for example, submit a video, a working model, a graph, a tablet or smartphone application concept or any other deliverable you deem relevant.
We would also like you to introduce your team by including your CVs with your application.

Public vote

Earn a place in the final with the help of the public!

From 5 January to 15 January 2015, all of the shortlisted teams will be able to promote their projects to the public by uploading a teaser of their concept to Studyka.

At the end of this period, the team with the most votes will go straight through to the final stage*. You will then present your project to the Microsoft Surface teams at the grand final!

Present your idea to attract as many votes as possible!

Tip: make a short video lasting a minute (like in Powtoon or with your smartphone, for example) and put it on Studyka to get people taking about your project.
It is up to you how you present it, but remember that it needs to create buzz if it's going to propel you into the final!

The two deliverables (15-page selection document for the jury and public "vote" document) are to be submitted by 11:59 pm on 4 January 2015. The public vote will start the next day!


*Any team that commits fraud at this voting stage (by buying or automatically generating votes, etc.) will be disqualified. To avoid any problems, disposable and anonymous email addresses are not permitted.


Stage 3

Each application will be studied by the members of the jury. Six teams will then go through to the challenge final (five teams nominated by the jury, one team by the public vote).

The GRAND FINAL will be held at Microsoft in February.

The teams will be ranked after their presentation to the jury of Microsoft professionals.

This presentation should cover the key areas of your application. It will last for 10 minutes, followed by a 5-minute question and answer session with the managers.

Be clear, concise, precise and convincing!

Teams of 2 to 3


  • 1Surface Pro 3 et entretien RH
  • 2Surface Pro 3
  • 3Windows Phone
  • 4Kit de matériel hardware ou chèques cadeaux Microsoft Store
  • 5Kit de matériel hardware ou chèques cadeaux Microsoft Store
  • 6Kit de matériel hardware ou chèques cadeaux Microsoft Store


  • Lgsam
  • Joz
  • Cranberry
  • Victor_Gabriels
  • NicLud
  • Alice.C
  • xav_mou
  • WissMVP
  • PierMorin
  • paulstudyka2014
  • GuillaumeBesnard
  • Zokaï
  • lala
  • Mauhyze
  • Hu

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