The Great Creative Challenge by Tarkett!

Bedrooms, hallways, living rooms, bathrooms, gardens, patios, offices, garages, car parks, gyms, supermarkets, escalators, cinemas... Every day we pass through all sorts of places without ever paying any attention to one essential feature: the floor beneath our feet!

All these spaces are made up of structural elements such as walls, stairs, doors and windows, or functional items such as Wi-Fi routers, smoke detectors, lights, Hi-Fi equipment, household goods and furnishings...

Today Tarkett is offering you a unique challenge! Find new transitions between these surroundings and/or these floor-related elements to revolutionise the user experience!

Present your own version of these transitions through the Grand Creative Challenge by Tarkett!

The challenge

Market-leading flooring brand Tarkett is issuing you with a major challenge:

"Imagine transitions between spaces and surfaces so that the floor offers an innovative user experience."

Your mission is simple: centre your concept on the floor to imagine the transition between the different living spaces in your favourite place.

Innovation and creativity!

Whether you are a budding designer, interior designer, fan of innovation or a DIY enthusiast, this challenge will let your imagination run wild.

You have carte blanche to come up with original, ambitious and stunning concepts!

How should you envisage these transitions?

A good starting point would be to ask yourself the following questions:


- How can the floor provide transitions that are sensory or technical, soft or well-defined, between surfaces, spaces and ambiances? 
- How can the floor evolve in the space?

- How can you make your floor merge/coordinate/clash with the surroundings (walls, ceilings, furniture, stairs, outdoor spaces) so your floor will revolutionise the user experience?   
- How can the floor evolve in the space?
- How can you develop interfaces between a room's floor and all the other surfaces?
- How can you pass from one user experience to another through the flooring?



- How can you maintain the same user experience by changing the surface?
- How can you coordinate your floor with the surroundings (direct or indirect)?   

To help you with your plans, here are some examples of places where transitions can be envisaged:



This is only a starting point. You have free reign to go much further! You can envisage multiple approaches.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of potential aspects for your idea:

Download a document to help you with your project below. You will find some example images for inspiration. Your project must go further!

Inspiration document

Want to see your project take shape? Use the Tarkett room designer to render and visualise your idea in just a few seconds.

Room Designer

Don't just think about design, materials and colours... Imagine the floor as an active element that offers individuals a unique experience: a floor connected by objects, to buildings and even outdoors!


By your own or in team of 2 to 3 people, contextualize your project:

To reach the highest steps of the podium, explain the following:

  • What's your idea? What is the user experience you propose?

  • How doest it work?

  • What's your source of inspiration?

  • What is the benefits/interest for Tarkett and/or for customers?

  • What should be the next steps?

Be creative! You can imagine optical effects, innovative sports room grounds with light ou sond effects, or conceive a terrace that is a real extension of the house to make those two parts one.

All of te givene example have only one common objective: make the ground a real living space to propose a unique and exceptional user experience!