Are you a student, in highschool or a young graduate of less than 3 years? Do you want to take part in this great challenge? 

You can participate by your own or in team of 2 or 3 people max.

If you want to create a team, we invite you to incorporate different and varied profiles to increase your areas of expertise and bring out the best ideas.  

Multidisciplinary teams are more likely to bring out the more relevant ideas: innovation usually results from a combination of skills and talents.

You can also join an incomplete team if you want to share your skills and put the odds on your side.

To do so, sign up and suggest your profile to one or several teams. 

Expected Projects

The Great Creative Challenge by Tarkett is divided into 3 steps

1st step

To take part in this challenge, your team will have to upload a first prequalification file.

Explain your project and your idea and make the managers want to know more about your project.

Download the preselection file below and describe your project in 3 to 4 slides.

A jury composed of managers of Tarkett will short-list the 30 best teams for the second step.

Download the prequalification file

This document must be uploaded on the platform before January 31, 2016,11.59pm (Paris Time Zone).

2nd step

Mentoring phase

The preselected teams can benefit from the expertise of the Tarkett coaches who will be available to lend their advice. To contact an expert, the teams can go online to talk to them directly through the platform.

Do you want to prototype your project?

You are free to propose whatever documents or formats you wish! A video of your prototype, photos, illustrations, a 3D model... Do everything in your power to persuade the managers and get through to the final! 

2 documents to present

The short-listed teams will have to deliver their final file composed of:

  • A 15-slide document detailing your project
  • Some illustrative materials of your project (videos, pictures, photos, sketches…)

Do you want to send a real model of your project to managers? We will give you the necessary information at the appropriate time to share your idea.

Those documents must be uploaded on the platform before March 27, 11.59pm (Paris Time Zone)

The finale

Each project will be considered by the jury: 5 teams will be designed as finalists of the challenge.

The final ranking of these five teams will be determined after the presentation towards a jury composed of Tarkett professionals. This final will take place in Paris, during February.

This presentation will have to take over the main lines of your project. It will last 10 minutes followed by 5 minutes of questions: be clear, concise , precise and convincing!

The final will be the opportunity for you to show the jury a model of your project ! Feel free to work on a model to present to reach the first place.

Selection criteria

Your ideas will be evaluated using the following criteria:

1. Creativity: Is your idea original, innovative? How your project is different from what it exists today?

2. Market impact: How the market will react to your idea ? What is the potential scope of the market you are targeting? How could the company position itself on the market?

3. Feasibility: Does your project need a particular implementation whetehr tehcnical and/or commercial?

4. Presentation : Is your presentation neat? Give the best of yourself to managers of Tarkett !