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How do you envision the future of television? Come propose your ideas as a team! For the winners... TVs 3D + glasses, iPads 2, Xbox + KINECTS, a VIP tour of registration plates and many other prizes are at stake! If your project is considered particularly innovative and daring by management, opportunities for internships or employment in accordance with your profile will be proposed to continue discussions with professionals of CANAL +.

You to imagine the future of television

You are more..

  • Passionate by the world of Media and Entertainment
  • Fan of new technologies
  • Modern
  • Connected
  • Daring
  • Curious
  • Creative
  • And much more !

Or even if you're not all that, you want to meet motivated students who can complete your profile to play the first big match of the innovation TV. The "Great Game of Innovation" CANAL + is for you.
 Come propose an innovative project and invent the future of television!


For members of the winning team an opportunity to get an internship or a job (according with profile) to continue the discussion at CANAL +.

A unique opportunity to get to the other side of your screen to take part in a visit of the panel and stage management of CANAL +. In addition, all teams participating in the Great Game of innovation will attend a recording of CANAL +!


The revival of TV experience

Innovation is at the heart of the strategy of CANAL +. Our goal is to meet the rising expectations of our largest customers for multiple and simple access to our content (catch-up TV, video on demand, from mobile phones, PCs, game consoles ...)

Teams directions "Technical" and "Experience CANAL"in charge of innovation in the Group CANAL + , have devised the first "Great Game of Innovation CANAL + and offer you to imagine the future of television ... So to you!

We give to you the opportunity to propose a bold plan around the TV experience and more specifically around one of the following themes:

  • New devices for viewing
  • Television connected & new TV services
  • The remote control of future
  • Interfaces navigation and exploration programs
  • Improvment programe
  • TV entertainment (video games on TV, games programs around ...)
  • TV and social networks
  • The new program formats

Game rules

Your project should of course be innovative, surprising, different, but it must also remain practical and feasible in terms of our market, our customers ... Particular attention should be paid to the adequacy of the proposed project and targets (CANAL + customers of today and tomorrow).

We ask you to present your project and specify its added value in relation to what already exists, user experience, competition ... as well as its technical / technological basis.

The study is a reflection on the TV experience and must submit an innovative product or service around the TV. It is not asked to imagine the content of tomorrow's TV.