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To understand the various thematic dimensions (sociological, technological, architectural ...) and methodology (survey, analysis, creative proposals) of this mission, your team will be composed of multidisciplinary expertise.


Teams will be composed of three members from schools / universities differ.



In terms of reporting, we ask that you two successive works:

1. A first report of preselection of teams in the form of a Word document of one or two pages where you will detail your mode of inquiry and your initial thoughts succinctly. This document is to submit online at the latest on 29/11/2010

2. The preselected teams will then put their ideas into a presentation (PowerPoint or Keynote) respecting the following specifications:


You will initially investigate the uses outside the normal scope "teaching-research-housing" and structure the results.Search the upside down uses within the academic and / or scientific obligations  (courses, research, group work, conferences ...) or as part of student life (business associations, sports, cultural ...)


In a second step you will analyze the changes at work in the upside down uses (new ways of working, communication, life, new technologies, new services) and the constraints they allow to overcome (distance, gain time, increasing efficiency, taking into account the ecological / sustainable development etc ...)


Finally, you offer a creative vision of the campus of the future, based on your previous analysis of the current situation.

 This document is to submit on-line on 29/12/2010 at the latest.