This challenge is closed.

Final of City of Tomorrow Challenge
The Finale of the City of Tomorrow Challenge, organized in partnership with Descartes Développement, Michelin and Air Liquide took place on this Thursday, May 21 at the School of Architecture of the City & Territory.

The finalists had the possibility to present their vision of the city of the future.  The huge liberty given by the subject, brought high-quality presentations. New services, news infrastructures or new innovative app has been presented during this final.

Discover the final projects and the best moments of this afternoon: partners and team presentations (with a Chinese team on videoconference), award ceremony and network king cocktail organized for this occasion.

1st team: “iMove”

The “iMove” team with Jean-Baptise Bouché, Pierre Canard and Jérôme Laville (École Centrale Paris).

The project according to the team: For us, the city of tomorrow is mainly the city that engaged its resources to serve the comfort and the welfare of its inhabitants. In order to mix movement efficiency and air quality protection, we created iMove: a unique app, gathering every transports method existing and adapting their prices depending on the air quality index. The efficient mobility and eco-friendly for the city of tomorrow!

2nd team: “La Ferme d’En Bas”

The “La Ferme d’En Bas”” team with Benjamin Rombaut (IESEG), Suzy Cassar (IEP Lille) and Pierre Launay (IFSTTAR).

The project according to the team: The “La Ferme d’En Bas” team (The Underground Farms) offers, thanks to hydroponics and LED technology, a new way of agricultural production inside cities, in the abandoned metro stations. These farms answer the issues of tomorrow: feed a city while reducing the transports environmental impact and increasing health of its inhabitants.

3rd team: “B-Tick”

The “B-Tick” team with Franck Stephan (Brest Business School), Tristan Daspre (Université Panthéon-Assas) and Thibault Becquignon (Brest Business School).

The project according to the team: The WP3 (Work Pack 3.0) is a turnkey solution for companies who wants to give a more important role to telework inside their company or just enhancing their existing telework. WP3 is a professional environment” at home!

4th team: “Swordsmen”

The “Swordsmen” team with Rao Hui (Nanjing Tech University), Han Chaofan (Nanjing Tech University) and Wang Kai (Tongji University).

The project according to the team: An air purifier system integrated directly to houses in order to deal with indoor pollution. An efficient and economic solution.

5th team: “Sustainable Connexion”

The “Sustainable Connexion” team with Elise Arguello (Université Paris 1, Panthéon Sorbonne) and Morgan Iafrate (École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées).

The project according to the team: e-coPaths want to gather a huge variety of users in order to create a delivering system that respect environment and save money. Encouraging the sharing of goods through Europe, our project expect to minimize greenhouse gases emissions by forcing truck drivers to optimize their loading space.