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Imagine the new shopper experience in the Store of the Future!

We challenge you to bring in new concepts, technologies or any disruptive initiatives to transform the way we shop! World-class top retailers give you the opportunity to take on a unique challenge: revolutionizing the Shopper Experience!

You can imagine the trends of tomorrow's stores through 4 topics:  

  • digitizing the shopping experience 

  • the in-store customer experience 

  • the web-to-store experience  

  • the seamless shopping experience 

Whether you are a compulsive shopper, a huge fan of online shopping or simply attached to retail stores, set your ideas free and get ready for an unprecedented retail experience!


Plenty of gifts will be handed out to the most surprising teams: €6,000 worth of prizes are up for grabs, including a trip worth €700, iPad Air 2 or GoPro HERO4 for each member of your team! 


Giving shoppers a new experience in this highly competitive context has become critical for the retail industry.

Pure players have to propose new online experiences to keep customers satisfied while retailers must use disruptive innovations that can improve the way we shop.

In this context, we need your help to revolutionize the retail industry!

Your Mission

Students from various fields - IT, marketing, communication, design, architecture, sales, etc. - all of you are welcome to join the Future Store Challenge! 

Register on the platform, form or join a team of 1 to 3 participants, mix your skills and submit your boldest project!

Whether your smart idea is about loyalty programs, space planning, pricing models, high-value services, social marketing or checkout lanes, it has to significantly innovate the shopper experience.

To help you and to guide you in this challenge, imagine the new shopper experience based on the following topics.

The topics


The digitized shopping experience

E-commerce continues to experience growth as many shoppers choose online shopping. From this statement you can think about how brands can propose a unique online experience. From price comparison services to shopping assistance apps, social media and big data, the Internet has no limits. 

How could you make this online experience intelligent? How can data or technology can be used to provide a unique experience?

Imagine not only new and smart solutions that could suggest the right information or the right product to customers but a complete experience for them. 


in-store customer experience 

Even if online shopping is graining ground, shoppers are still attached to physical stores. That is why brands have to reinvent themselves to facilitate purchasing by offering a better shopping experience.

To do so, IoT, augmented reality, digital services can transform points of sale into genuine interactive customer journeys. But that's not all!

What would this new experience be in the retail stores? How could you combine digital and physical stores? 

Think about the product presentation, the role of the sellers, the storefront and a personalized experience in your proposal for a new vision of the store of the future.

The web-to-store experience 

Online and offline can surely work together. This is the idea behind of web-to-store: getting more customers into retail stores at a time when surfing the Internet has become a habit?

Geolocation technologies can be used to send relevant information intended to get shoppers into stores. You can blur the lines between the web and physical stores and make the Internet the new point of entry for sales.  

Consider the shopping life cycle and identify the main shopping stages that could lead shoppers from the Internet to real store, and propose new disruptive ideas to facilitate or rethink the web-to-store experience.

The seamless shopping experience

In addition to starting online and then visiting physical stores, shoppers also use their connected devices while they shop. Retailers have to cover both online and offline experiences while also including smartphones or tablets to collect relevant data that will reveal customers’ journeys as well as their consumption habits.

With the increase in points of contact comes the need to transform points of sale in order to offer a high-quality, seamless experience. 

Those topics are just only some examples to guide you in your project. Feel free to propose a project that considers all of them or one of your choice!


During the first step of the challenge, your team will submit a short document presenting your idea (3 slides).

If your idea is selected, you will then have to prepare more detailed materials that provide an in-depth look at your project. During this second step, you will be mentored by a consultant or manager from one of our sponsor companies. This is your chance to receive a professional personalized guidance!

You can offer a broad range of solutions as long as they are designed to revolutionize the shopper experience, for example:

- Web App
- Mobile App
- Website
- Video concept
- Connected service (able to work with a smartwatch for example)

Of course, these are just a few examples! Let your imagination run free to set up ambitious, innovative and relevant projects! The teams with the best projects will have the opportunity to present their ideas in front of a prestigious Grand Jury and perhaps reinvent the way we shop!

Don't wait! Register on the platform, create or join a team and make your idea a reality! 

Let's get cracking!